Google stats show Minecraft twice as popular as Call of Duty

Google statistics show that Minecraft eclipses Call of Duty in terms of traffic volume – by as much as double!

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Pikajew2446d ago

and its 200 times better

Trunkz Jr2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

and can have dinosaurs.

Gray-Fox-Type02446d ago

coming to Xbox 360. Exclusive*

radphil2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

"PC game -> 360" is exclusive?

We changed the definition of the word didn't we? :P

Mario4life2445d ago

its also comeing to xpera play too

Corrwin2446d ago

Now why would a game that can be played in your browser possibly have more traffic than a game that is played outside of the browser?

I wonder.

LightofDarkness2446d ago

There's also the fact that many more people find creation/creativity more attractive and "fun" than destruction and killing.

But I guess it's not "thuper hardcore" so who cares, right? /s

AntoineDcoolette2446d ago

Minecraft can be played from the browser? For real? Honest question.

raiden-492446d ago


yea but its not as good as the one out of the browse.

bozebo2446d ago

I don't play minecraft from a browser...

mrv3212446d ago

I didn't know you could play it from a browser.

hassi942446d ago

To be fair he said 'can' be played in your browser. Not must.

hassi942446d ago

I fully agree with you on this, just what I thought when I saw the headline. And yeah i play minecraft, and I don't like CoD so this isn't a fanboy thing...

JsonHenry2446d ago

You can play minecraft in a browser?!

Corrwin2446d ago

I don't understand. The website clearly states:

Play Minecraft Beta:
In browser | Download

How can you guys not know you can play it in a browser, unless you got it in a zip file elsewhere?

TheIneffableBob2446d ago

Minecraft originally was a browser-only game. But then when Survival mode came out, Notch released a client.

Now, Minecraft can only be played with that client. You can still play the old version of Minecraft (Creative mode) in the browser, though.

Corrwin2445d ago

No, you can play the latest version in the browser.

Its the same thing. Go try it.

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wallis2446d ago

This MIGHT have something to do with the fact that call of duty doesn't exactly require schematics to build every new item you want to gain access to in the game.

I've sunk two, maybe three hundred hours into minecraft and I STILL keep googling stuff on it because Notch keeps updating the game and changing the rules.

Motorola2446d ago

Just spawn it. Thats what I do. Not for Survival though but for building stuff.

2446d ago
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