Secret F1 2011 social feature to be announced

A new social feature for F1 2011 is yet to be revealed, chief game designer Stephen Hood has told While Hood didn't want to reveal too much information, the new functionality will be revealed soon.

"What we've been building is a particular feature that I can't talk too much about at the moment - though I will do shortly," said Hood. "Time Trial last year was very much about competing against random people. You could see what your friends were doing, but... For example, sometimes I might want to play online, and I'm not interested in setting my car up, but I want to know that I'm the best driver with a particular car.

"So we've got a mode built that's built around that this time around.

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mtullock2534d ago

Perhaps a create a season mode with the same 24 drivers! that would be superb, just like the real thing!

also 1st post, 1st comment woo!

Reborn2534d ago

Didn't they say that this gen its limited to 16? I could've sworn I saw an article here about it.

retrofly2534d ago

I heard there was no Online Championship modes, I think this will be similiar to what Shift 2 has.