Microsoft's Chris Lewis: Xbox 360 Still The "Better Value Offering"

Microsoft's Xbox chief has said the company was not surprised by last month's PS3 price cuts and believes Sony "had to respond" to the console's high entry point.

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gamesblow4059d ago

Of course he thinks that... What a SMACK & POON DART all the same. When, in reality, it's not a better value at all. I can get a ps3 for 400 bucks that allows me to play blu-rays, upscale dvds, run Linux and multiple emulators, browse the internet, online game for free... import/export pics and music..., upgrade my hdd to the size and brand of hdd I want, edit video and stream hd movies to the hdd using Tversity and, ontop of all of that, play ps1 and ps3 games...


I can get an xbox 360 that allows me to play xbox 360 games and a handful of xbox games. pay for my online gaming, even tho I already pay for broadband... force me into using their storage devices. Don't allow us to use Keyboards and mice. Yeah, sounds like a real good value, Microsoft.

Daytona4059d ago

It is the better value, and yes sony responded out of desperation and came out with what is it now in less than a yr. 5 different SKU's? It's all about gaming, please stop w.the I can watch a BR movie whenever I want to, great I hope you and your mom watch 20 BR movies a week, sounds sweet, however the rest of us know that were Gamers. We play Video games and the Xbox 360 no matter how you spin it, comes out to be NUMBER 1.

Spin away wussy boy, spin away.

ruibing4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Wow, so aggressive, calm down a bit. He was just stating his opinion like the MS guy was. The quote on it being the better offer is pretty subjective. We all define it differently.

Some people, like me, bought a PS3 because we believed it gave us the best features, highest reliability, and longest life cycle. And obviously, there are others who bought a 360 for their own reasons.

If the guy from MS thinks 360 is a better value thats perfectly fine, but it does annoy me when he forgets to mention some of the things its competitors does better.

thunder4058d ago

I Got the 60gig PS3 1 week after launch for $600. Everyone knows whats included in it. If I bought a 360 that is comparable with the PS3 that I have it will cost the following:

Xbox 360 - HD DVD Bundle
SKU: 999977000050000 $579.97

Xbox Live Accessory Bundle Includes:
Wireless network adapter,
Xbox Live 12-month Gold renewal card and
1,600 Xbox Live Marketplace Points $169.97
Plus $60 per year for Live renewal

No Online surfing
No memory card readers

Grand Total of 749.94 and $60 a year for online.
All prices are from

And then there is a possibility that it will turn into a brick because of the dreaded RRoD.

You tell me what the better deal is?

I Thought So

Anego Montoya FTMFW4059d ago

a better deal.

in what way?

i`d rather pay the extra $$$ for reliability.

i spent about $1500-$2000 on my 360 in a year(and it broke) i got rid of it.

i`ve spent about the same on my ps3 and it WORKS LIKE A CHARM.


better deal?

a better deal is your console surviving longer than a year.

AllroundGamer4059d ago

mine xbox is currently under repairs by a guy, that flashed my xbox360 dvd drive and he will fix it so the RROD problem won't appear again, i'm not risking a MS xbox change, cause they would only give me another xbox, that would broke in about a year...

Double-Edged4059d ago

a better deal is not waiting and really playing.

"i spent about $1500-$2000 on my 360 in a year(and it broke) i got rid of it."

Why get rid of it when fixes are free? oh yeah.. your liar.

Bits-N-Kibbles4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

You're a douche-bag.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4059d ago

no i`m not lying My GT was SUNNIHALO

because fixes weren`t free, when it broke.

it had a 3 month warranty.

so the first time it broke i had to pay 170 bucks to get it fixed.

the 2nd time I thru the thing you love in the TRASH.

and just played SOTC and OKAMI.

which by the way are more next gen than anything 360 released in its first year.

PDZ- Sh!t
Kameo- Sh!t
DoA4- Sh!t
Lost Planet- Sh!t
Just Cause- Sh!t
GRAW- Decent
Dead Rising- Great(thats it)
GeOW- WAY overrated.

don`t think i`m lying because you don`t believe how much of a piece of Sh!t the 360 is.

i`m sorry.

360 just doesn`t work.

my friends have also gone thru multiples.

don`t worry you little puke, your 360 WILL break just because of your KARMA(trying to call me out)

when that day happen remember the NAME.


DJ4059d ago

That Microsoft was circulating broken consoles back to people who sent in faulty units, mainly because they can only make so many new consoles every month. If production capacity is 500,000 units a month and 2 million units are sent back for replacement/repairs, then that puts a LOT of strain on production. RROD has been linked to the GPU – CPU connection becoming broken, but Microsoft representatives have stated that that is only one of multiple reasons for the RROD problem.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that AllAroundGamer is telling the truth or lying, but it’s important to acknowledge this notable fact. I mean, with a 30% failure rate, it's hard NOT to run into people who have problems with their 360s.

Double-Edged4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )


that was a very nice drama....
Your Bias of games is shut down by Metacritic by the NO AAA games PS3 really has.

I'd put more dirt on the poor quality PS3 games really are. but naaaah
and what the heck? no rumble yet???

LOL: weak minded? I'm actually respecting your input of 360 games by not putting mine about PS3 games. But there has to be a standard or something on paper in which no bias are cluttered. Sorry again... but the only narrow minded person here is you. That's what reviews are for. That's what IGN, Gamespot, PSM are for. To keep Narrow Minded Fanboy Bias' out and real genuine reviews and thoughts in. Agreeable or not, aslong as no fanboy comments are in.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4059d ago

look how brainwashed you are.

you RELY on METACRITIC to tell YOU what YOU like.


Contra264059d ago

What is really brain washed..

is believing in Cell, Blu Ray, Freeonline, Rumble being last Gen, 120 fps, Better Multiplatform games, Exlcusives not being lost.

Daytona4059d ago

And the other guy is lieing, you didn't have a 3 month waranty not did you pay 170, and even if you had which you havent all people who paid from day 1 recieved all there money back from MS.

Stop the lies and move on.

AllroundGamer4059d ago

the reasons for RROD are mostly purely overheating of the graphic card, MS used a bad quality paste on the GPU chip and it becomes hard after a while and won't conduct the heat to the passive cooler.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4058d ago

my 360 broke and thats what MS told me($170)

people like you make the 360 a laughable piece of trash.

i`m not ever on this SITE going to waste my time lying about my expierences.

360s break and MS fu(ked over alot of people at the beginning, yes they seem to have gotten better at dealing w/ these problems. But it doesn`t change whats happened to me.

the funny thing is DEAD RISING the only game i love, was the game that finished of my 360(playing it so much)

i don`t lie.
and its quite PATHETIC you think i would do that.

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Beren4059d ago

The 360 really have a better value, it does RRoD on you !!! and they are free :D
Gah... really i don't like all that "uncle Bill Gates" nonsense and buying every soul on the planet with his $_$, to satisfy his greed and monopoly hungy, he don't mind to say nonsense too :/

chester4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

of course he had to say it. he works for microsoft. of course sony had to respond with a lower price point. they did their homework and realized a mistake. and of course MS is going to do something in response to the sony price drop as well. it's called a competitive marketplace. but now we're going to get 100 posts about how much more value the 360/ps3 has over the ps3/360. fantastic.

PimpHandHappy4059d ago

says we are winning the war

why does he say that you may ask

because he has 2

kinda like this guy

Bits-N-Kibbles4059d ago

he does work for MS... what did you expect?