Microsoft Admits Halo Lost Its Way - 'John Wayne' Master Chief To Return

As everyone looks to Halo 4, Microsoft has came out and admitted that the direction the Halo franchise has taken since Halo 3 was 'lost' and that with Halo 4 they plan to bring a much better take on Master Chief that can bring in new fans while keeping the old ones happy. They even compare the green, armoured 7 footer to John Wayne.

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rmoar2716d ago

I don't think Master Chief is the problem with Halo, I think the problem is that we've seen the same exact game coming out over and over since Halo 3.

EVILDEAD3602716d ago

Halo never lost it's way..Halo ODST was side story which had some of the moat original storytelling elements in franchise history. Halo Reach finally told the prequel story to the original Halo and was simply epic. Bungie threw the kitchen sink at Reach and nothing last or this year has come close to Reach in terms of multiplayer offerings.

But it is time to tell the Master Chief story again and I think it's actually great that 343 has a chance to provide a fresh take on the series.


chidori6662716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

despite all the hype in this game are just another average first-person shooter since xbox 1.

believe people, this game stole their ideas from the Tribes series... look it up. 'Tribes: Vengeance' is one of my all time favorite games.

DaleBoyd2716d ago

Yeah, except tribes had a terrible story and no characters. The Halo series has been an awesome addition to video games with fantastic presentation, narrative, music, and voice acting.

Look beyond the joysticks sometimes people it's not always that easy.

Peaceful_Jelly2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I was checking out some screens and that game and Halo are awfully similar. Similar like Uncharted and Unearthed.

GetoverHere1222716d ago

I'm excited to see where they take the story, it seemed all but wrapped up with Halo 3.

pungello882716d ago

I just wanna play some classic Halo, pilgrim.

mcstorm2716d ago

I don't think halo lost its way but people expected mc to be in them all but I think it was a needed change to the halo name. Yes we had more halo games but it was with different characters and another side to the halo story. The only thing I think that let odst and reach down was the mp. To me it was not as fun as the first 3 halo games. I look forward to seeing what 343 do with the halo name over the next 10 years.

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