All Three Next-Gen Consoles Sporting AMD GPUs?

Will all three next-generation consoles feature IBM processors and AMD GPUs?
Although AMD already announced that Nintendo is using a custom AMD Radeon RV770 GPU in the upcoming Wii U console, there's now talk that AMD GPUs will also be used in the next PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The news is based on a rumor stemming from E3 2011 claiming that it's literally a "done deal" with Microsoft and Sony. Unsurprisingly, this is the first we've heard of this particular GPU tale... there wasn't any mention of AMD hardware in a gaming console outside the Wii U, public or in private, during or after the show.

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Ranshak2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

If an AMD GPU really is used within the next Playstation, BC might be a huge issue. Either way i dont think next gen consoles will be a big jump over what is already out there.

Reasons for this are:

Heating issues: the more powerful GPUs get the more heat they produce, in the restrictive casings consoles have it would be very difficult to dissapate all that heat. People may dream of consoles having GPUs that perform close to levels of GTX 580 from the PC era today, however a bit of common sense will tell you its not gonna happen, not unless they give consoles significantly larger casings.

I dont think console makers will want to deal with RROD and YLOD issues with all the heat thats generated with curent midrange to high end chips.

Power Issues: Todays Midrange to High end GPUs need anywhere between 200-400Watts of power at full load.

Current consoles the entire system runs below 100watts of power. If console makers are to actually replicate performance of what we see on PC today they will actually need to equip next consoles with real PSU. Consoles being consoles are designed with cheap parts.

For the above reasons i dont see next consoles being the kind of step forward the PS3 or the Xbox 360 were to their predecessors. I predict next consoles will be using low end chips that are available at that time, this will still be a good jump from what current consoles have.

It will also allow Sony and MS to take the least possible hit on the initial hardware sales.

ConanOBrien2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

New Xbox (8) may (or may not) have:

4x2 42nm IBM/Intel CPU Cores
8 Gig Unified RAM
8x8 AMD GPU Cores, 8x8x8 Shaders DX11/12 comp.
Cloud storage support
Built-in motion and facial sensors


Wikkid6662715d ago

How would console have built in motion sensor? You are going to pick up the console and wave it around?

Rettom2715d ago

That would be a 800$ console right there lol.

You wanna pay?

Darkfocus2715d ago

that's not how specs are listed....

Inside_out2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I read a article at least a couple years ago that said that M$ would be using the same manufacturers of the current Xbox 360 and have already in fact signed the deals...the timeline fits for a 2012 announcement and for Backwards compatibility.

Sony in a bit of a different situation as they are part owners of the cell tech and would probably want to save money by incorporating it into the PS4 and recoup their very high development costs. They also use Nvidia so with Backwards compatibility a sore spot this gen and Nvidia's big impact on 3D, it would seem that Sony will be in a different boat all together.

In regards to overheating, M$ showed their cards with the 360 S featuring what no doubt will be the architecture for the new console and it's pattened design is designed for a much more powerful machine...the one they will announce very soon.

I think that the PS Vita shows a smaller version of what the PS4 will look like. They ( PS4 and Xbox ) will ALL be quad core except apparently Nintendo Wii U which refuses to keep up and wants every last penny in profit that can be made.

Will there be a big difference in performance??? for starters the 1080p, 60 fps arguments will be a thing of the past. Instead of fighting 3-5 enemies and one heavy, you'll fight 20-30 enemies and 10 heavies...night and day difference. MMo's like World of Warcraft will be front and center and games like Witcher 2 or Crysis will return to their memory starved open worlds.

thematrix12982715d ago

Go AMD!!! nVidia has been eating their dust for awhile. AMD GPUs run cooler and more power per watt so it's no surprise they are all going with the best.

AKS2714d ago

It's pretty close. I went with AMD in my new rig (2600K & CF 6950s), but Nvidia has made some really solid cards as well. The GTX 560Ti and GTX 570 are really nice cards. The GTX 580 is also really nice, but it's too expensive right now.

slayorofgods2714d ago

nVidia still has the more powerful card, but the gap is closing so much it is almost impossible to tell anymore. AMD does have the most powerful low - mid end GPU's so yes they are better with power consumption and heat. AMD also always has the most affordable products.

AKS2714d ago


I'm not sure one can decisively say Nvidia has the most powerful cards. The 580 is the most powerful single GPU card, but it's not that great of a value considering the other options available. You could almost buy a 6990 and a 6970 for Trifire for the price of 2 GTX 580s. I don't think I have to tell you which of those combinations would be more powerful. It's not even close.

AMD has the most powerful card overall, the dual GPU 6990, and AMD also has the edge in dual card power/value setups. On the other hand, Nvidia has some really ace individual cards, and they are strong in single card OCing.

It's competitive enough that you have to look at it by each price bracket. Both AMD and Nvidia have some really impressive options. I think AMD is just a bit more impressive at the moment, but it's pretty close in most cases.

Machioto2715d ago

I thought that the shrink from 40nm to what ever the next size will be would help dissipate some of the heat,that's if next - gen coincide with the realest of a smaller gpu.

Ranshak2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Currently GPU makers are using 40nm Processes on the latest parts. The next die shrink may take us down to between 28-22nm. Typically a die shrink like that would mean 10c cooler on simular MHZ.

However current GPUs with large PC like casings and execellent airflow (not possible on any current console design) still touch 85-90c under full load.

Even if you were to cut down that figure by 10c that reduction would easily be outdone by the small casings consoles have to offer.

Heating and power supply will definetely a issue for next consoles if they to get anywhere near the performance seen on current midrange to high end PCs.

Edit most of these people may disagree but ask one of them if they been near a GPU running at full load under something like Furmark? I bet 99% will tell you they dont have a clue what furmark is.

Darkfocus2715d ago

it's pretty simple to exhaust the GPU out side the case....I have 6870's crossfired OC at 1000 core clock stock memory clock and they never go over 70C...

Ranshak2715d ago

Take a look at the size of those fans on those 6870's mate. those are huge fans, then take a look at the size of the cards themselves. The chip wont be getting that much space in a console environment.

Niether will it be getting super large fans that we have on our PC casings to exhaust all that heat.

I personally have GTX 580 sli. when run on furmark both of them manage to hit 95C thats with fans running at max speed(sounds like a jet is going to take off).

I have a Laptop which has a 5870 built in (laptop is more comparable to a console environment), running on furmark within 10mins the GPU hits 85C. 5870 on a laptop is barely comparable to a 8800gtx from 4 years back.

All i am saying there is a genuine issue when it comes to power requirements and heat, they wont be building loss making consoles, which are almost the size of a PC case. It will be low end GPUs. Why do you think Sony has been telling us PS4 might not be a huge jump in terms of power?

Kakkoii2714d ago

@Ranshak: Next step for GPU's is 28nm, and for CPU's is 22nm. Both of which are already under production and will be shipping before the end of the year.

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Newtype2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Have you ever heard of the AMD APU? AMD is capable of creating a GPU on the DIE. DX11 on the die, so your "overheating" theory is already debunked.

AMD's APU, say the E-Series is only using 18w of power to operate.

I am pretty sure Sony might go with nvidia again since alot of their previous games used Physx.

Ranshak2715d ago

For a PC gamer you sure have no clue what you talk about most of the time.

AMD APUs can barely compete with low end discrete GPUs of today. check out the benchmarks with Liano running Crysis 2.

Its barely managing 40fps @ 600p with no AA

Its performance currently is probably on par with current gen consoles.

Ingram2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

AMD's low power APU solution in their new SoC is barely better than ion 2 get out of here...
and PS3 can do Physx, but very few games actually have hardware support for it, the performance hit is too high.Most PS3 games use Havok middleware or proprietary EDGE tools/Phyreengine physics.

gravesg2714d ago

wow ... i can't even believe you said that. ... wow .... those amd apu's u speak of can barely compete with ps2 graphics ....even if they improved 10-fold it'd still be only ps3 ... sir you fail ...

Bereaver2715d ago

Why would there be BC issues? Please...... That's like saying because if I change my video card on my comp from AMD to NVIDIA that it wouldn't play the same games.

evrfighter2714d ago

Lol thats exactly what I was thinking. I'm not sure where the console kids are getting that info.

Ingram2715d ago

You make sense, but I disagree in a couple of things.
Most recent, taxing, modern effects on PS3 are done and sent by the SPU's to the GPU, which is a mere rasterizer which outputs a lot of the work already done.hence,the most crucial element to keep retrocompatibility is tEh cell, some would say proof is, with an inferior GPU PS3 can output the same if not better graphics than a 360 which has a better GPU.

Oh, and the jump in specs will seem moderate at first, but the jump in graphics will be at least as huge, that's my bet.

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slayorofgods2714d ago

"If an AMD GPU really is used within the next Playstation, BC might be a huge issue"

Not true. Gpu's have nothing to do with BC, those issues come from other hardware decisions.

"People may dream of consoles having GPUs that perform close to levels of GTX 580 from the PC era today"

The article is about using a custom built GPU made by AMD not using a PC GPU.

"I predict next consoles will be using low end chips"

AMD makes the best SFF PC GPU's all of which have low power consumption, and best of all they are above console GPU's quite a bit.

humbleopinion2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Ramshak, your heating/power issues simply ignore the facts...
Perhaps today current iterations of the PS3/X360 run below 100W because they use smaller scale form of 6 years old CPU and GPU design.
But the original GPU for the 360 was 90nm and more advanced then the PC GPUs released at the same time (with some DX10 features and unified shaders). this resulted in a power hungry system which required over 200W of power from the socket. The PS3 was even more power hungry, and every generation we see an upwards going trend with bigger and more power hungry consoles - so why do you think it will change next gen?

AMD already has their Fusion lineup and Mobility Radeon lineup for low power consumption usage: mobility 5870 HD takes up a mere 50W while providing over 1 teraflop - and that is last generation 40nm dye we're talking about. A new <28nm architecture that we will probably see in 2012 is bound to be even more effective so an equivalent of a GTX 570-580 (which are 40nm) for around 100W is theoretically possible in a year or two.

Add to that the fact that consoles have a more efficient design from OEM parts anyway because you don't have to build a standard graphics card that is supposed to fit in various PC cases - there is just one single design.

RevXM2714d ago

A liquid cooling system would pretty much eliminate the need for a significantly larger casing as the liquids are flowing in its own restricted circuit already.

a liquid cooler for cpu (example) aint that expensive, Like 50-70 bucks for consumers at retail.

I wouldnt doubdt that the next consoles gpus will feature similar or even a better gpu than current high end ones.
2012-13 release... would not be a problem at all.
and the same power can be achieved for less with having 2gpus in sli. I rather buy 2 Radeon 6950s than one GTX 580/590 at this point. much cheaper and even better average performance.

There is always some trickery.
Like the ps3.

Despite the fact that stand alone BD players were sold for at twice the price of the ps3, it still survived and actually made good results for sony in the end.
And it also featured a brand new type of cpu which budget was pretty huge, and the GPU feature while it wasnt top notch at release it was fairly decent.

My only 2 complaints about ps3 hardware is the small amount of RAM.
And its hardly anything to complain about but the ps3 would beat the competition at launch by miles if it featured I think it was called GTX 8800. a DX 10 card.

Well its too late now, but I hope Sony can use some money on 3rd party hardware this time as they are not making their own. I mean they wont make something "Entirely" new, the cell architecture is still quite relevant.

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Fojimu2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I don't think the next Xbox is going to use an AMD GPU. Microsoft is in talks to acquire nVidia right now.

Jumper092715d ago

Microsoft will use AMD GPU. Because they had big problems with Nvidia and the xbox1

DrillaKid2715d ago

MS just bought a right of first refusal. This simply gives them a veto over any potential takeover. I suspect they did this to prevent Apple from acquiring nVidia. A takeover wont be happening any time soon.

slayorofgods2714d ago

Isn't Microsoft in the computer business as well? Not everything MS does is for the xbox.

GrilledCheeseBook2714d ago

Actually that deal has been in place for over a decade I believe. More to protect their interest in case Apple were to try and buy them

rdbrooks2714d ago

hmm i always though intel would buy nvidia, you know, AMD buys ATI..Intel buys Nvidia..Microsoft buys them both and tells them to kiss each other O_O mmmmm throw in some baby oil and whips out...wait what were we talking about again? nvm >_>

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qwertyz2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

nvidia screwed Microsoft over big time with xbox1 so they'll obviously use AMD on the gpu side. they might chose intel on the cpu side though as intel is currently leading in transistor technology(which is important for power consumption, die size(which affects costs and heat) aside from that intels cpu architecture has improved alot more than AMD or IBMs over the past few years. sony would probably use nvidia again for backwards compatibility.

xtremegamerage2715d ago

xbox1 was the most powerful of them all, but m$ dropped it complaing the hd's were too expensive.


M$ - AMD
Sony - Nvidia
Ninty - Who cares.

Dlacy13g2715d ago

For Sony not sure that would make sense at all unless they are looking to bit the bullet and change their whole core structure to be more developer friendly... in which case BC becomes a software thing and most likely something Sony would just elect to drop. Again...doesn't make much sense to me.

For MS though this move absolutely makes sense. BC would be less of an issue (if at all)and certainly would make the development transition to next gen for Devs much easier.

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