Defeating Used Games

GammaLounge takes a look at some of the incentives used to discourage the sale of second-hand games, such as pre-order DLC, online passes and un-resettable game saves and comes up with a few alternatives which may help defeat the 'evil' of used game purchases. Are pre-owned games really that destructive towards the games industry?

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fourthpersonview2716d ago

If corporations really want to kill second-hand market...they'd make games work only on 1 console.

Quagmire2715d ago

I dont see how they could kill the used market. What, do publishers honestly think we keep every game we buy? Heck no, we arent millionaires, and the only way we can afford new games is to sell our old ones.

And in order to further save money, we buy pre-owned titles so that we may be able to afford newer and more expensive games.

GammaTru2715d ago

That's a good argument for pre-owned games actually; that games we own are sold on towards funding the cost of newer titles. Games are getting more expensive these days, but that can't really be helped too much in this economic climate.