Battlefield 3 gets even more pre-order DLC

If you thought you'd already seen all the pre-order DLC Battlefield 3 had to offer, think again.

Amazon is the latest retailer to announce that it'll be carrying exclusive pre-order DLC, supplying customers who pre-order the game with an exclusive code to download the 'Specact Kit DLC'.

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chak_2630d ago

This is old. So not "even more"

paddystan2629d ago

You can do that. Im still going to buy the game. No pre-order DLC is going to stop me from buying one of the best games this year.

chak_2629d ago

I hope you meant decade

DeadlyFire2629d ago

Decade? Slap! You know BF 4 comes out in 5-6 years.

wallis2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

As always I will pre-order this when steam tells me last chance to pre-order which is always like 24 hours before the release date.

Seems a little stupid to me but if they want to play it like that then fine. I'll buy their game with all it's extra content and for ten pounds less than usual so they can get their hands on my precious cash a whopping full day earlier than normal.

Edit: Oh shit, it's not on steam is it? Oh well, I'll just have to monitor... "origin"?

Really... is that what they're calling it? Origin? Do games companies just have a big book full of stupid words and phrases they use for marketting like "combat evolved" and "origin"?

2629d ago
Hufandpuf2629d ago

I remember when they did the SPECACT for BFBC2. You had to buy Dr. Pepper and look for the codes. I hated drinking DR. Pepper, but I did it for BF and found only 1/4 codes after drinking 6 bottles. Worst moment of my life. Eventually nobody ended up buying Dr. Pepper later because there were ways of getting the DLC without paying!

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