Nintendo And The End Of Single-Player Gaming - The No-More-Solo-'Zelda' Theory

The new Wii idea of MTV's Stephen Totilo:

"Nintendo's console is a party console, destined to mark the end of Nintendo-crafted single-player game designs. I fully expect the next Zelda, the next Donkey Kong, even the next Mario role-playing game to be designed in such a way that at least two players will be able to enjoy the main game mode simultaneously."

He got sales figures, analysis of old games, advertising hints and more to back this up.

Is it really bold to say that Nintendo will leave solo-only game design?

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Calicojack4061d ago

I've had my wii since day one, and have only played with other people on 2 or three occasions. For the most part I have played Zelda, RE4, Paper mario, Sonic, Metroid and now Zack and Wiki, soon Mario all by myself. Not to mention countless hours playing some of my all-time favorite games on the virtual console. I'm not saying that's what everyone does, but I hate the notion that people seem to think that Wii is a "party only" system. The fact is the system is capable of doing many things, sure it could be a great party system, or family system, or solo system or a coaster, if that's what you want it to be.

solar4061d ago

my wii has been a party console. with how online games have come along on consoles, networks of ppl playing together and not sitting next to each other helps his argument. but i don't see Nintendo "abandoning" single player games. MP3....great game. i loved it. ill be getting SMG the second it hits the shelves, hell ill probably call in sick that day to veg and play it. with Assassin's Creed coming the next day i gotta indulge in some Mario.

SSBB will be huge. Mario Party and Wii Sports has already shown how multiplayer with "real" ppl sitting next to you drinking a few beers is hugely successful. but you cant, just cant deny Nintendo's ability to deliver single player games that ppl want to play.

lonestarmt4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

the wii is fun system, but too me its like cotton candy. Yeah its delecious, but its too sugary, and its gone before you know it. It can't do lots of things. It hardlys has any M-rated games. No really multiplayer online action (no warhawk or halo for you). Not a lot of demos to dl. It can't play hD movies. You can't play games in HD, you can't download music to it, or surf the net You don't have a HDD. Fighting games would suck on it. Multiplatform games all suck on it.Don't kid yourself, the wii is a good system, but it has its place in the gaming world, and how much money they are making why should they do any different? no matter how I don't agree with it.

The wii is having trouble IMO. My brother bought one because he thought it was cool, guess how many games he bought on it?? none. HE doesn't play games really, but got it because its what "it" right now. Now he wants either a ps3 or a 360. I think most people will do that now. The wii is a great second system, but its really hard having that has your sole console. I know so many people buy it and only buy one or two games year on it.

solar4061d ago

"It hardlys has any M-rated games. No really multiplayer online action (no warhawk or halo for you). Not a lot of demos to dl. It can't play hD movies. You can't play games in HD, you can't download music to it, or surf the net You don't have a HDD"

i understand how you would have a beef with that, but Nintendo isn't focusing on what a PC can do. like the other next-gen consoles are. thats why its so cheap, and its selling like hot cakes. its focused on the games. (even tho a majority of them are crap right now).

i have a roommate. been one of my best friends for years. we play the wii multi-player, and we have a blast. when we have ppl over to drink some brews, we have a blast firing up some wii sports. hell my mom wanted me to bring the wii home to play it on the 4th of july. thats what Nintendo is targeting. and by golly they are kicking the crap outta that target.

PS3 Limps on and on4061d ago

It's just a party console. I'm a serious gamer, how can a console like that have serious games?

Zelda is very different from what the Wii seems like to me.

I always liked Nintendo, I still have a GameCube. But now Nintendo went down the toilent, with that party gimmick. Most people are using their Wii's to excerise with Wii fit.

I don't care what sales say, I care what my heart says. Nintendo lost it.

solar4061d ago

i got a ? for ya. do you have a lot of online friends you play with whatever game you choose?

TheExodus4061d ago

Manhunt 2 kept me busy this past weekend & surprisingly the graphics actually impressed me at times. Now, what if Manhunt 2 had been a Wii project instead of a PS2 port?

Wii is capable of pushing the same types of games we've all grown accustomed to over the last 25 years. Can it do 1080P? No, but you don't need 1080P to set atmosphere for a game. Manhunt 2 managed to do a bang up job on Wii without even trying.

TheSadTruth4061d ago

Lightning is right.. but that isn't a bad thing. Look at the n64.. I loved it because my friends would come over and that is what we would play. It still had incredible single player games such as Zelda 64, SM64 and others like Banjo Kazooie.. but that isn't why it was a great console. Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Original Mario Party, SSB are what made it a great console. Do you guys think the Wii will get another new mario in its lifetime now? Or a new zelda? Probably not, I expect the analyst to be right on the money.

kn4061d ago

Contra III anyone? We need to bring back the days of local co-op.

Darkiewonder4061d ago

Aren't just games for everyone but everyone can play. so games you played growing up being single player will somehow have more options of being multiplayer. Just wait, Multiplayer Zelda game. where one person is the Sword and and shield and the other is the movement and control the fairy ;o

texism4061d ago

I had sex because of the Wii.

There. I said it.

texism4061d ago

"I had sex BECAUSE of the wii"

is very different from

"I had sex WITH the wii"

keep your sick fantasies to yourself

solar4061d ago

hehe, imagine this first party game..."Insertion Point"....

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