Codemasters Talks Historic F1 DLC

GamerZines writes:

When Codemasters picked up the Formula One license way back in 2008 we had our fingers crossed that the talented racing game maker would not only do the modern championship justice, but also revisit some classic seasons.

And if we're lucky, that may soon become a reality.

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Si-Fly2686d ago

Nothing could make me happier in an F1 game than running Senna's MP4/12 around Monaco, really hoping Codies pull off historic dlc in the future...

KingPin2686d ago

i think thats all F1 enthusiasts dream.


FishCake9T42686d ago

The Williams from 1993?
Yes please.

CaptCalvin2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Okay I was wondering why Codemasters didn't do historic F1 cars plus Jerez track when Sony and EA before them were doing them for FREE. I thought it was a licensing issue. Boy I should've known better. If they don't do more classic cars than EA/Sony plus the Nordschleife track with with this "Historic" DLC, then they can forget about getting a single cent from me.

Si-Fly2686d ago

The most important thing is surely having an enjoyable and playable game? Id be happier with no dlc than going back to the kind of crappy F1 experience that Sony and EA provided.

CaptCalvin2686d ago

What was so crappy about Sony's F1? Did F1 2006 release with as many bugs as F1 2010 released with?

Si-Fly2685d ago

Whilst the game had good graphics it's handling was awful! Above all else I want to climb into my racing rig and play a game that does my wheel and pedals justice, f12010 for all it's bugs drove a whole heap better than F1ce ... handling was the main reason F1CE scored a measly 74 on metecritic.

Ddouble2686d ago

Sounding good but i'm wondering how these cars will handle compared to the cars these days with the immense amount of downforce.

Can't wait