Customizable button layouts? Thrustmaster says "yes"

Nope, Sony isn't releasing the prototype boomerang controller they initially showed off with the PS3. However, a company called Thrustmaster, who we can aptly imply are masters of the thrust, have taken it upon themselves to deliver a controller that is suited to all of our gaming needs. This controller doesn't have any sixaxis controls ... it has sevenaxis controls.

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gunnerforlife4059d ago

that looks more like a gamecube controller than anything else

Quickstrike4059d ago

so that people can customize their controler so they all can play their games the best they can with their own preferences.

mighty_douche4059d ago

AMAZING... ive always wanted to be able to do that in the options!!! oh wait...

Douchebaggery4059d ago

Why use that sh!tty D-Pad, at least the triggers looks like a improvement

Coke-a-Cola4058d ago

Am I the only one that thinks the new ones are a step backwards.
My fingers slip right off.

Masta_fro4058d ago

they should be concave instead of fact, thats the only thing i dislike about the controller. That and the lack of rumble which it will get soon.

I still like it more than the 360's pad though...