Think You’re Getting $10 Off Skyrim Just for Buying Oblivion? Think Again

One of the biggest reasons to buy the $30 re-issuing was the fact that you got an advertised $10 off your purchase of Skyrim! Sweet deal, right? However, it’s not that easy…

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CrzyFooL2711d ago

So, I have to spend $120 to get a $10 gift card? Fuck you very much.

littletad2711d ago

"Purchase must be at least $59.89". And yet, another take on buying the game "New". Will it ever end?

danielle0072710d ago

You would have had to buy it new, anyways, generally. They wouldn't have given a discount on a pre-owned copy.

This is an attack on extreme couponing!

Hockeydud192710d ago

Hey atleast Oblivion and Skyrim are well worth your money and will last you hundreds of hours. I don't mind at all paying full price for a game that's gnna keep me busy for more than a week.

jadenkorri2710d ago

what a way to say FU in the biggest sign ever. What about those who bought your game and dlc already. Someone who bought day 1. Thanks for the middle finger. BTW I pirating it asap.

xPhearR3dx2711d ago

Well that's a load of poo. Disappointed in you Bethesda.

HavenDan2711d ago

Wow, are they serious? Not that the game needs much promotion, but still, nobody is going to do that.

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The story is too old to be commented.