PSN vs Xbox Live: Underwhelming Uncharted 3 Beta Figures

MMGN writes: The end of the multiplayer beta for Uncharted 3 is nigh for the PlayStation community.

One of the most damning statistics to come out of the beta was the total figure of gamers actually participating: 1.5 million.

Now, on its own, that's a superb figure, but compared to other beta's, it doesn't look so good.

Next to Gears of War 3, for example, and the Uncharted 3 beta figures don't even compare.

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BitbyDeath2687d ago

"Next to Gears of War 3, for example, and the Uncharted 3 beta figures don't even compare."

"Yes, the Uncharted 3 beta had more people playing"

Why let the facts get in the way of a good healine hey!

LOGICWINS2687d ago

"Why let the facts get in the way of a good healine hey!"

The entire quote from the article was:

"Yes, the Uncharted 3 beta had more people playing than the Gears of War 3 beta did at just under 1.3 million, but that was a closed beta that required the purchase of an $80 game or $10 pre-order.

The Uncharted 3 beta was 100% open and free."

Learn to take your own advice.

BitbyDeath2687d ago

But logic dictates that if Uncharted 3 was a closed beta that capped off at 1.5 million and required an inFamous 2 purchase (Sony's latest big game) then it would still get 1.5 million.

The only people that pay attention to these betas are people who are on the web. Who therefore are serious about playing the game.

powerofcell2687d ago

People not coming to play the UC3 open beta is in no way an inidication as to how much interest people have in the game.

Most of us PS3 gamers dont go online, instead we like to play unique singleplayer experiences.

For socialising we instead prefer to log on to websites like n4g, we really dont play games online which explains our over whelming numbers on this site.

LOGICWINS2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

"The only people that pay attention to these betas are people who are on the web. Who therefore are serious about playing the game."

Ummm yeah..thats not good. I'm sure Sony and Naughty Dog want to reach the people OUTSIDE of the web as well.

Its sad too, because I feel that the UC3 beta is the best MP I've ever played...and thats just from the beta.

I want Sony to market this game as best as possible so that it can gain a bigger audience.

@powerofcell- Your comment is full of win!

xPhearR3dx2687d ago

"Most of us PS3 gamers dont go online"

Yeah there's 77+ million PSN accounts but no one goes online. I love when people act like they speak for the entire PS3 community saying shit like "We do this, or we buy this" because you're always wrong. You can't tell me someone is going to spend $300+ on a video game console and not hook it up online when PSN is free. Get out of here with that BS.

LOGICWINS2687d ago

@xPhear- Do you know what sarcasm is? Serious question.

powerofcell2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


I wasnt being sarcastic. Most of us really dont play online. check the poor kz3 sales figures.

Btw i disagreed with u and de bubbled u for trolling.

Ser2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


By "full of win" do you mean unnecessary and obvious trolling? If so that's pretty sad.

On topic: Who cares about the numbers? "Was the beta good" is the topic people should be discussing. I can't enjoy statistics.

Personally, I liked the beta. Can't wait to play the full version on launch.

Edit: What can I say? I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to Uncharted 3 flamebait. I don't care about statistics, but I enjoy reading the flamebait regardless.

No problem, it just tells me a little something about your views.

LOGICWINS2687d ago

"Who cares about the numbers? "Was the beta good" is the topic people should be discussing. I can't enjoy statistics."

Then why are you here? Why did you click on an article knowing it was about stats..something you claim not to care about?

And yes, I thought powerofcell's comment was funny. Problem?

kaveti66162687d ago

"Most of us PS3 gamers dont go online, instead we like to play unique singleplayer experiences.

For socialising we instead prefer to log on to websites like n4g, we really dont play games online which explains our over whelming numbers on this site."


Knushwood Butt2687d ago

I haven't played the beta but I'm still buying Uncharted 3 day one...

FlyShootRaceSims2687d ago

powerofcell: Most of us PS3 gamers dont go online, instead we like to play unique singleplayer experiences.

For socialising we instead prefer to log on to websites like n4g, we really dont play games online which explains our over whelming numbers on this site.

>>Classic man! Classic, indeed! You made my day! Lol, +bubbles to you!

Ranshak2687d ago


"Most of us PS3 gamers dont go online, instead we like to play unique singleplayer experiences.

For socialising we instead prefer to log on to websites like n4g, we really dont play games online which explains our over whelming numbers on this site."

Hahaha, i think cell had a hidden message here. What he ment is PS3 gamers dont socialise on PSN because it lacks crossgame chat. Which is why most of them log onto sites like N4G to fullfill that quota.

PostApocalyptic2686d ago


But Gaetano Prestia's conclusion is wrong. BitbyDeath was just pointing out the sleazy headline.

Dee_912686d ago

the only way i knew about the beta was this site and infamous 2
everybody in my friend list who had infamous 2 played the beta because that was the main advert for the beta

so a majority of the players mustve came from the infamous2 vouchers
so excusing the gears beta for having a little less because the only way you could play it was with a purchase of a game is dumb


MaxXAttaxX2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Yet they "don't even compare"?
And if they don't compare then....why compare?
Is it because more people played the UC3 Beta? So now that's a bad thing and underwhelming?
Nice spin.

Uncharted's main appeal is its SP, not MP, like Gears.
Yet the fact that more people played UC3 MP Beta than Gears 3 is underwhelming?

Considering Gears has a larger fanbase and the UC3 Beta was closed as well for the first week with over 1 million players, that is hardly underwhelming.

Then again, this is an "opinion piece". And usually these are terrible.

pixelsword2686d ago

I did not participate in the Uncharted Beta.

I can, but I don't want to.

I do plan on buying the game day one however.

I just don't care to play the beta when it wont' count towards anything.

So you see, the people not playing aren't an indicator of anything.

gamingdroid2686d ago

In other news, is UC3 beta still on?

I would like to give it another chance.

Ju2686d ago

Let me ask you this: If it wasn't on a (different) game (disk) and not promoted other than the web, how would people know? One on a disk got promoted, the other didn't, yet we got similar numbers (well, better numbers for UC3) and yet it's underwhelming. Interesting.

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Misterhbk2687d ago

Because they want hits and a flame war. Simple as that. Pointless article is pointless.

slampunk2687d ago

Both UC3 & Gears betas have been well received by the majority of gamers and critics.....

No need to worry about numbers...They're both going to be good games!

Agent_hitman2686d ago


I totally agree with you.. this article is pointless

LOGICWINS2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

^^Why would there be a flame war? Everyone knows that Gears has a more committed online community because Gears has been doing online MP since Gears 1..whereas Naughty Dog implemented their FIRST ever online MP suite in Uncharted 2.

This is common sense. No need for anyone to get angry about it.

HOWEVER, the PS3 has what, a 50 million install base? I'm shocked that only 1.5 million people participated in the FREE UC3 beta.

If over 95% of PS3 owners chose not to participate in a FREE beta..I don't see how most of them will take the $60 plunge when the game comes out.

For the record, I thought the beta was great.

Misterhbk2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Read the title, read the description and then use some 'logic'

It's pretty obvious this article will turn into a full on flame war.

'uncharted had more so it doesn't matter'
'gears is going to dominate uncharted in the sales'
'uncharted doesn't need to sale to be better'
'if it's so good why doesn't it sell?'

It's the same damn argument that happens with every big game. It gets compared to another game and the two sides collide. This time over the number of people in a beta. Gimme a break.

A lot of edits there lol, anyways I for one am one of the people that did not participate in the beta and will be purchasing the game day one. I have my reasons for not joining in. One being time
Restraints this week, two being that I don't often get in game betas to begin with. I'd rather just wait for the game to be released.

Most any user that doesn't surf the web looking for game news doesn't even know that game betas exist or if they do they think it's for a select group of 'testers' uncharted is doing damn good and will be just fine. So much potential for yet another game if the year. Naughty Dog has done it again.

LOGICWINS2687d ago

"It's the same damn argument that happens with every big game. It gets compared to another game and the two sides collide. This time over the number of people in a beta. Gimme a break."

People don't mind downplaying MW3 in every Battlefield 3 article left and right...whats different about this?

DarkTower8052687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

@misterhbk, I agree with you, the beta doesn't really interest me much. Tbh, I get into alot of betas but never play them. I even have a Resistance 3 code I probably won't use. I rather just buy that game when it releases like I know I will with Uncharted. With Uncharted, sp is more important to me than mp.

As far as sales go, U2 did what, 4.5-5 million? The series is only more popular now and has even found success with the casual players. I expect U3 to crush U2 numbers.

SuperM2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

anyone ever concidered that its summer? I love uncharted but i havent played the beta becauce ive been on vacation and now im busy with my summer job.

Honestly i think the big majority of PS3 owners has things they rather want to do right now then sit inside and play videogames.

You should also concider that most people dont even play betas. Its a thing that will attract the hardcore, especially at this time of year. Comparing it to the gears 3 beta is pointless since its impossible to say how many players UC3 would get in a closed beta and how many gears 3 would get in an open beta, plus its a different time of year

finnhima2686d ago

with a 50 million install base, yeah about 1.5 million users participated within the beta, quit trying to spin it into something negative.

You could say the EXACT same for the gears beta and compare the numbers to the 360's user install base and come up with the same dilemma.

You're an idiot.

baker_boi2686d ago


Oh ok, so any other time anything on XBOX live is, "Premium stuff! You get what you pay for! 60 dollars aint a lot! You must be broke!"

The folks who didn't pay to get into that Beta must be broke as shit then.

The fact that Gears has a larger fanbase and X-Livers don't care about spending money for online(meaning having live PLUS purchasing the preorder/80 dollar game) should've meant their beta should have blown up!

PSN being free(and you had to be a +Member anyway) doesn't put a variable on the success on the Uncharted beta. People who weren't going to play it, werent going to play it. We had choice, it wasn't mandatory fool.

I wanted to get into the Journey beta, but since I couldn't I downloaded the Uncharted beta out of spite, but I didn't wanna play the Uncharted beta lol.

Yall should go join Bill O'Riley on fox news. Cause yall mastered this spin. Paying is now a bad thing and being Free is good just to suit the case of this argument.

Aww you lil slickers!

awi59512686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

@ Logicwins

Thats not the same you had to buy a game to into gears that stopped alot of people from trying it out. Uncharted was free and still people passed if gears was free it would have easily done 3 million.

On the fist day of the halo reach beta 14 million games were played i have no idea how many players was in on the whole beta there is no way to count them all.

Ok i found out more than 3 million was in the halo reach beta and it crashed bungies servers. No one knows how many played during the whole beta but more than 3 million on the first day.

mastiffchild2685d ago

The gears beta WAS free. Preorder Gears3 , get your invite, sack the preorder. Difficult much?

Gears also already has TO big MP releases whereas Uncharted has one,not as big, MP release in it's history and anyone expecting a game known more for it's amazing SP to overtake a game with a longer history and bigger fanbase to outperform it at beta is just a troll with little to no grasp on reality. Had PSN users to pay for their online, and therefore have the NEED to justify that purchase/cost then maybe we'd have seen even more than the 1.5 million downloads but as it is this is a massive increase in size for U2 top U3 and something that only someone being churlish would try to pick holes in. The numbers for ND are WAY over and above what even they expected but some aussie fantart thinks he knows best?

Gears3 online is more visceral but also built more around the variety in the weapons and, in Beast mode the Locust types whereas U3 is a more thoughtful game which goes in bursts rather than just being frantic. Anyway, if you don't like one or the other, fine, there's plenty that will, and do, like both incredible games and some ill thought out diatribe from this idiot won't alter that fact. Jesus.

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colonel1792687d ago

Why argue over this. It's very simple:

Most (if not all) 360 owners like shooters. The market for the 360 (until kinect) was people who likes shooter games.

PS3 owners are more diversified. Some like shooters, some like platformers, etc. So it is mor logical for a shooter to sell more on the 360 than a game on the PS3.

kneon2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I loved the Uncharted games but even though I had 2 beta codes and could have got in early I haven't played the beta. That's because I have too many other games to play right now to bother with a beta.

Eyeco2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

lol considering the fact that most people play and will buy uncharted 3 for its single player 1 million is very good, U2 online was amazing , easily one of the best this gen but most people honestly didnt care for it , people bought it for the SP. In contrast to gears , halo, and COD how many people buy those games for the SP i know a handful of people that haven't even beaten gears 1 yet still play the online to this day, when my friend bought Reach he went straight to the MP

mastiffchild2685d ago

MOST 360 owners don't play Halo-most means nothing. Seriously, I dunno why we can't just day both Epic and ND are doing a great job and leave it.

Bordel_19002686d ago

I don't care about UC3 MP, I only want the single player.

bloodybutcher2686d ago

i agree with you,for me Uncharted is all about SP.MP is just a bonus,addition that might be fun but i just don´t feel the need to play it.U2 MP was ok at start,later i just got bored with it.U3 beta felt disappointing from the start.i might give it a try anyway when the game is out but i am focused on SP.

units2686d ago

Your comparing open beta to closed one

Muffins12232686d ago

gears of war 3 has more pre orders than uncharted only had more people becouse people dident have o buy psn pluse,for example killzone had barly anyone playing becouse you had to have psn pluse and god,the worlds biggest beta was halo reach and you had to buy odst 60 dollars(the worst game ever and biggest rip off) and halo reach was the biggest beta ever.....and all you had to do was pay 15 dollars ONE TIME to play killzone 3 beta yet no one played it..sad,just shows you what people think of killzone.Gears of war WILL ALWAYS be the most bought 3rd person shooter,hell if the gears of war beta was free every one would give it try becosue its free!Also you could also get in the beta if you preordered gears 3...also the estmated sales for gears of war 3 is 7 million(gears 2 and 1 both sold 6 million).....right now gears 3 has like 1.5 million pre orders(already sold more than infamuse lol )so dont even make me bring up incharted 2 and 1 sales...(uncharted 2 only has around 3 million sales,half sales of gears)Now youll say sales dont matter,well it shows what MOST people like and it shows that people think it is more fun than uncharted...sales shows if it is a good game and if people like it,and obvoisuly,gears is more liked than uncharted or any other ps3 exclusive(so far not a single ps3 exclusive has sold more than gears)

Persistantthug2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Uncharted 2 has more than 4.5 million units sold...

And 2,

According to Polyphony Digital's own site, GRAN TURISMO 5 has 6.3 million units sold which is more than Gears 1 or 2.

So my question to you Muffins1224, since you were so definitive in your proclamations,
Are you willing to come back here and say,

Just wondering if you have the fortitude for that.

2686d ago
Gray-Fox-Type02686d ago

of course Uncharted wont touch the supreb multiplayer of gears of war.

showtimefolks2686d ago

so that devs can get as many people in to test the game out so in return they will get the feedback they need to fix whatever needed to be fixed

but how about this:

Gears of war 3 will be a great game GOTY contender NO but it will be in the running and it will sell millions of copies. Both MS and Epic along with gear fans will be happy

Uncharted 3 will also be a great game that will be a GOTY contender and will also sell millions and sony and ND along with UC fans will be very happy

what the heck are we complaining about can xbox360 gamers play EC on their system NO

can the ps3 owners play gears on ps3 NO

they are system exclusives they will both sell quite well and with install base of both consoles over 50 million both will do 6-8 million lifetime so just enjoy both

we are really deep into this gen if you are a core gamer you have to have 2 consoles i have xbox360 and ps3 i don't have xblive to play online but i enjoy the single player for many games like alan wake,crackdown etc,,,,

we don't need these article. All they do is try to make us the gamers argue with each other

enjoy gaming peace out

Xander7562686d ago

Considering infamous 2 has no where NEAR 1.5 million copies sold I don't see how "logic would dictate" that the Uncharted 3 beta would still have 1.5 million players if it required you to purchase Infamous 2.

chriski3332686d ago

very stupid and flame bait article

chasedagreat2686d ago

Uncharted 3 is way better than Gears of War 3

MostJadedGamer2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I am a PS3 owner, but have no interet in Uncharted 3 as I thought Uncharted 1 was a garbage, and Uncharted 2 was very mediocre. So I didnt touch the beta, and I have no interest in Uncharted 3.

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Silly gameAr2687d ago

Didn't the Gears 3 beta have buddy tokens? Didn't they have it worked out that the more you did on Live or the more stuff you got off Live Gears related, the more buddy tokens a person could get? Nice flambait by the way. Glad you felt compelled to write such hard-hitting material.

You're going places on N4G my friend.

blackburn102687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yawn. So what am i supposed to do now huh? Start crying or something? What does that mean to a PS3 owner? What does that mean to a Uncharted fan like me? What am I supposed to do now huh? Sell my PS3 and run out and buy Gears 3 because someone found some stupid excuse why Uncharted MP being more then Gears MP means something is wrong? God can't believe people fall for this kind of flame bait so easily.

The number of people in a beta? Is that what we are going on about now?Why didn't more people pre-order Gears of War 3 to play the beta? Does that mean that everyone else doesn't want it? Does that mean that only 1.3 million people will buy Gears of War 3? Just shut up and stop trying to cause [email protected] Silly gameAr. good point.

Muffins12232686d ago

gears of war 2 sold 6 million,uncharted only had 3 million,also gears of war has around 1.5 million pre orders right now...thats more people that bought infamuse 2...

SCW19822686d ago

Yeah it's true, but it really doesn't mean anything. People went and saw the piece of shit transformers movies instead of supporting district 9. Most people just support garbage, look at COD for proof.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2686d ago

'only had 3 million.'
you speak as if that's a small number. I'm not one to care for sales figures, but come on? It's not like either game is bad or has poor sales, they're both terrific.

PostApocalyptic2686d ago

Gears of War 2 has sold sold 6,090,000 million to-date. Uncharted 2 sold 4,690,000 (closing in on 5 MIL).

Inside_out2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The article was just trying to point out that The Uncharted beta was mostly free to all PSN users and it would appear not that many decided to try the beta in relation to the whole PS3 installed user based which, since it's free, almost all sales generally means they sign up as well...I think...REGARDLESS...

Using Gears closed beta as a measuring stick obvious was meant to draw hits but it's a fair comparison since the Gears beta just finished and is also exclusive albeit on 360.

If the Gears beta was free, it would of had maybe the most downloads for a beta ever...everybody was talking about it and would of loved to give it a try. I think it was rather mean of Epic to not open it up to all gold members but hey, it's their IP.

btw...the point of the article was PS3 gamers are not supporting Uncharted...he's right.

blackburn102687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

The point is that they were trying to get hits by trying to compare UC3 to Gears 3. I can easily turn it around and say that 360 users aren't supporting Gears 3 because they didn't pre-order it to get into the beta. If so many people are anticipating Gears as everyone boasts why aren't they pre-ordering it to get into the beta? I mean you guys claim that it is the biggest exclusive ever and how you want it so badly. So how come more of you didn't get into the beta if you want it so badly?

I could just as well point out that no one is supporting Gears 3 because no one else wanted the beta.If fact of the matter is it's flame bait and you are once again like sheep falling for a site trying to get hits.Since only 1.3 million people were in the beta does that mean that only 1.3 people want Gears 3? No.So what makes you think that 1.5 million people (not the final figure) only want UC3? @ Misterhbk thanks for the logic. Appreciate it. You deserve every bubble.

Why o why2687d ago

That dude hates most things waste your common sense on him. Some people are easily lead by media and will champion whatever they read if it suits their own agenda. Its not even just him its human nature but some people tend to do it more than others. Those that thrive off fear, uncertainty and doubt love spreading it as you can see by his comment.......actually comments

jetlian2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

black l pre-ordered just not from gamestop! 20 dollar credit tops a beta son!

Free vs paid shouldn't be close in numbers. Also you need gold live which also cost money

Kungfue2687d ago

LMAO! according to this garbage article uncharted 3 has more ppl in beta than gears yet its underwhelming because of some excuses?