HTC Buys Into Console Graphics Company S3

HTC, the company that is single-handedly responsible for putting a huge dent into the impenetrable wall that is the Apple iPhone, has just taken another massive leap of faith. The company obviously knows how insanely popular mobile gaming has become, but also recognizes that it could learn a few things from the console market as well. Thus, HTC has bought into one of the largest graphics card companies on the market, S3.

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pixboy2507d ago

Ooh, interesting. I'm actually happy to be joining the HTC community in a week! Let's see what 'new' games hit the HTC scene :D

flipmop442507d ago

hey i like my htc phone so maybe this will be a good thing

TinaLauro2507d ago

This could be excellent for the mobile gaming market. Watch this space, people!

pungello882507d ago

Yeah mobile gaming is getting very big right now and this can make it even bigger and better. Can't wait to find out!

honestpizza2507d ago

They should put this technology into a bitchen tablet!

AndrewNino2507d ago

This is fantastic! It seems just as good as when the Unreal Engine appeared with Infinity Blade!

josephayal2507d ago

Best phones best graphics

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