Gaming Irresponsibly: NCAA Football 2012 Review

Josh Knowles of Gaming Irresponsibly writes: It’s that time of year again, this year’s EA NCAA Football franchise title is upon us. Now, I may work in video game media but I am a huge sports fan as well and NCAA 11 last year set an amazingly high bar for 12, overhauling many features from the years prior. I was hoping that with NCAA 12 we would see much more of the things that made 11 great and perhaps some more tweaks to really make it stand out. In case you haven’t been noticing, EA Tiburon has their stuff together.

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agentxk2539d ago

It's college football. It's all about tradition!

blitz0x2539d ago

I'm not typically a sports gamer, but I've already heard a lot of good stuff about this one. Seems pretty awesome

agentxk2539d ago

As long as you stay away from Stanford's mascot

silencedwriter2539d ago

This game looks so SICK!!!! Can't wait to play. Great review!!!!!