Is MGS4 Still One Of The Best Of The Current Generation?

MGS4 was widely considered to be the best of the generation when it arrived in 2008. But after over three years of increasingly amazing titles, can Kojima's title withstand the test of time?

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bwazy2688d ago

Hmmm, first game I ever bought for my PS3. Enjoyed it, but it didn't WOW me (in terms other than its graphics for the time). Actually I liked the story... The characters...The combat... The music...

Fuck, ok it did WOW me.

I'd give it a 9/10. But it still doesnt make my top 10 list of all time.

math2688d ago

You want the short answer or the long answer?

The short answer: yes.

The long answer: Fuck yeah

BiggCMan2688d ago

Fuck yea!! You know we all have opinions which is fine. To me, it is the best game ever created, I just love it that much and I really wish the multiplayer would have grown on more people because it is really fantastic. Some people may not think so and i'm fine with that, however you are an idiot to think it is a horrible game. Not you above me, just other people who say so.

LOGICWINS2688d ago


"You know we all have opinions which is fine."

"...however you are an idiot to think it is a horrible game"

These two statements contradict each other.

BiggCMan2688d ago

Well they do a little I suppose, I could have worded that better. What I mean by that is that the game is not horrible in any aspect. There is no glitches, no graphical problems, it was made with a huge amount devotion by the entire team that made it, it was not rushed etc.. That is what I call a horrible game, dunno about anyone else.

LOGICWINS2688d ago

"MGS4 Still One Of The Best Of The Current Generation"

To the majority of people on N4G...probably.

To the outside world...nope.

Nitrowolf22688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Critics would argue with that
And i think it's the second best selling PS3 excusive (GT5 beat it)

I think it's safe to say that it's up there. And the keywords in the title really is "One of the Best", not the best. Well "The best" is opinion anyway.


what i meant was from that statement that you made "To the outside world...nope.". I linked to Meta Crit. cause it was to show that it's more then just people outside of N4G who thought it was a great game. But yes you have me beat there with blackops lol. But then again i did say "One of the best" :P

Also GTA4 was dull and i think many can agree that it does not deserve the highest rating multi-plat game, tbh GTA4 is an 8, nothing more or less.


Your right and i was wrong there.
Though they can be seen different.
Rebecca black video nearly full red dislike bar, MGS4 sales and still have above 90 score.

Sure both got million numbers but only one of the two are actually receiving the positive feedback from the numbers.


Never disagreed with either of you guys.

and by that logic Logic, then no game is the best and that's absolute truth. Maybe we could account the whole series in General, i could see that being more truth, but when it comes to single games then no.

btw i enjoyed MGS4 but yeah the cut-scene were a bit long. BTW never disagreed with you, you make a valid point.

LOGICWINS2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Well, I don't see what sales or critics have to do with determining the better games of this generation.

Taking the sales route...Black Ops is the best game this generation on the PS3/360.

Taking the critics route, GTA4 is the best game this generation on the PS3/360(A game I found to be the most dull GTA game I've ever played)

@Nitrowolf- I agree that people outside N4G enjoyed the game, but by "the outside world" I meant people that don't surf the net 2-3 times a day for game news.

As far as Metacritic is concerned, my question is:

Who are 50-60 critics to tell the 500 million gamers out there whats good or isn't good? I played MGS4..and I think its overrated. Review scores mean absolutely nothing to me because everyone has different viewpoints on whats good or not.

I respect MGS4 on a technical level..but length of the cutscenes where ridiculous. Also, there are MUCH better stealth action games out there such as Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory that I enjoy more.

BitbyDeath2688d ago

You should never take the sales route otherwise you can claim that Angry Birds is one of the greatest games of all time.

Also millions of people watched Rebecca Black's song Friday on Youtube and it doesn't mean it is better than songs that have not been listened to as much.

Could go on and on.

Point being, never take the sales route.

Master_S2688d ago


Bioshock is better game.

SquareEnixFan2688d ago

Still the best game of this generation to me.

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