Call of Duty 4 - Exclusive: Under the Hood Part 2

Infinity Ward takes us through the different stages of rendering a level.

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RudeSole Devil4057d ago

I want a review, and not form Xbox official Mag or PSU. The games out today WTF is going on.

The Real Joker4057d ago

Hmm. This does not look like a review or a comparison so color me pissed off. This is ridiculous. I get off in 12 min and have to choose between 360 and PS3 versions and I do not know what to do. I am not going to go on some fanboy's opinion or previews from an early build (like gamedaily). Well if something doesn't come out I will have to bite the bullet and pick the one that has rumble.

Daytona4057d ago

I'd say w/in the next 48 hrs. you'll be seeing true reviews.