GTA experiences more RAGE

It looks like a team of developers have made use of the RAGE engine, creating a full GTA San Andreas map for GTA IV. You'll now be able to traverse the town you've already rampaged through, without leaving the comforts of the latest main game in the series.

Today the "GTA IV: San Andrews Mod Team" announced we can expect a public beta, containing the ENTIRE San Andreas map, to be released in August.

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consolez_FTW2387d ago

I'm glad they chose San Andreas to MOD into a better looking game. San Andreas is my favorite GTA, can't wait for this MOD!

Bounkass2387d ago

When is GTAIII and GTAVC coming? I loved the GTAVC city!

BlmThug2386d ago

Are They Going To Do The Missions Too?

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