Namco Bandai opens new teaser site

Namco Bandai has opened a mysterious new teaser site today.

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2415d ago
Misterhbk2415d ago

If it's .Hack related in any sort of way I'm going to lose my mind! Please be .Hack!

CrescentFang2415d ago

Super Robot Wars? Gundam VS (something)? Tales? God Eater? One Piece? Digimon? Klonoa? Time Crisis? Katamari?
Well, it better be something good lol

Xof2414d ago

Super Robot, Gundam, One Piece, Digimon, etc. (any anime-based property) are almost always announced and detailed in magazines. So those are out.

Based on the photograph (modern Japan cityscape) I would say God Eater is probably the most likely from that list. I wouldn't be surprised at a Wii or PS3 version.

The fact that they're doing a teaser like this with an image does confirm one thing for certain, however: this will be a sequel or a remake, and NOT a new IP.

Cereal2415d ago

It will either be something awesome that stays in Japan or something mediocre that gets released everywhere.