The Top 7... Worst games of 2011 (so far)

Charlie Barratt, GamesRadar US: Last month, we selected the seven best games of the year (so far) and, although only halfway through 2011, the competition was already intense. Many outstanding titles had to be cut and many editors’ feelings had to be hurt.
But that was the easy part. Now comes the true torture – the week in which I reluctantly delve into the dank, dark sewer that is the bottom of Metacritic’s review rankings to bring you the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. For every Portal, there’s a Party Megamix. For every Zelda, a Thor. These are their shameful stories.

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banjadude2503d ago

Wow... Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops isn't even listed on EB Games or Amazon (the Canadian counterparts) lol...

Pintheshadows2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


@below, if you thought SoD was that bad do not touch Mindjack.

1PC2PS333602503d ago

Shadows of the Damned, worst I have played in years, though I did not try shadow harvest...looked bad, only rented shadows of the damned thank goodness!

DarkSymbiote2503d ago

I wonder how Mikami thought those penis jokes would be cool.

Venox20082503d ago

WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING!?!? Shadows of the damned is an awesome game! :) :D

DarkSymbiote2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

*not sure if serious*

lil Titan2502d ago

sorry @Venox2008 gave him some bad stuff last time so i apologize for his comment the effects MAY wear off soon

Kran2503d ago


Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

Ever heard of "FOREVER"? Worst game of 2011 for sure.

DarkSymbiote2503d ago

Read the article. Apparently Critical Mass is a bigger piece of poop.

Venox20082503d ago

@DarkSymbiote I am serious.. it's a good game and those jokes reminds us that it's a game ...not realism, that's what makes it awesome... aren't you all got bored of that "serious" crap that we are getting by tons in this gen?

LoaMcLoa2503d ago

Yeah, I can't imagine how he thinks that it's one of the worst games of this year. I, in the other hand, thinks it's one of the best games I've played in my entire life.

Guess some people just don't like unique games.

Venox20082503d ago

yea, couln't say better myself.. I like unique games too! :)

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