GameSpot: Dead Block Review

GameSpot writes: "It's no secret that the zombie apocalypse has been in vogue for the past few years and experiencing a multimedia renaissance that would warm George A. Romero's heart. Dead Block is the latest downloadable attempt to reap this fertile harvest by cultivating a different take on the undead end times. On each level, you find yourself trapped in a building. You must explore this building, gather resources, barricade windows, and set traps to fend off the incoming zombie hordes until you can kill them all with rock and roll. It's a strange, campy twist on survival horror, and the clever traps that the three playable characters can deploy fuel some light strategy. Unfortunately, "light" is as deep as the strategy gets. Furthermore, almost all of the actions you perform involve simply holding a button, mashing a button, or tapping a button in an ill-calibrated timing challenge. Repetition creeps in from all sides, and boredom sets in for the duration. Even adding a few loc...

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