Ken Levine: “No plans” to make Wii U games

Despite being featured in Nintendo’s developer reel for Wii U at E3, Ken Levine reiterated that he has no plans to make any Wii U games at the moment.

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Organization XII2540d ago

Ken Levine is a smart person, but why not bro?

user8586212540d ago

same reason he didnt make bioshock for the ps3, it was too far into development, most likely infinite will get ported over by some other developer just like bioshock 1 was on the ps3

HOSe2540d ago

hd graphics do not equal next gen graphics. true next gen graphics and games will require higher specs than what the wii u will offer.

TheDivine2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Ok but the wii u will still be the most powerful console available. I agree it probably wont be next gen like we think/thought of as ps4/720 but all that isnt relly important anymore as we reach 1080p 60fps, only differences will be how big or detailed games are and innovative things like the wii u remote. All consoles will be so similar with 3d, motion controlls, similar graphics, only the games will differentiate. I think some peeps are mad theyre losing percieved bragging rights of the most powerful console lol.

limewax2540d ago

There will never be a 60 fps 1080p console. As long as Technology advances, devs will continue to sacrifice res and fps for textures etc

DeadlyFire2539d ago

Next gen moving up to 1080 for around 60 fps is possible. Its more likely 30 fps and prettier textures. Still though some are likely to sport 60 fps.

Valk2539d ago

So you'll call PS4 not next gen when specs are finally revealed and Wii u is shown to be more powerful?

SOme kids... NO specs are given but this kid knows its next gen and he alone sets the standard....

Just laughable some people and the power trips they go on because they can post their opinion somewhere...

Next gen has NOTHING to do with the tech inside the console.

Such a simple concept yet for some kids today its hard to grasp. Maybe you should have an adult look at gaming history and put it into a perspective that you can comprehend.

TenkoTAiLS2539d ago

Isn't the game coming out on PS3 and 360? They certainly aren't next gen haha. It will be nice if Nintendo did release their specs sometime soon, just to get the idiots that still think a 6 year on console will be worse than their precious current gen ones. Consoles and time move on, get over it!

Like waseem335 said, it's probably too far on in development, and they are concentrating on what they are currently trying so hard to finish. Some other company or team is probably working on how to port it as we speak, and it doesn't mean it will suffer either, some ports are indistinguishable.

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Supman2540d ago ShowReplies(2)
qwertyz2540d ago

i wish nintendo all the best but the wii u won't be alot more powerful than current consoles which is sad. I wish I could experience zelda with Samaritan tech demo graphics :,(

Getowned2540d ago

link please...i have been hearing the exact opposite actually.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2540d ago

You want to see Link as a weathered 40 something wearing a 3 inch thick leather jacket? No thanks, if Samaritan is the future look of games, I'll find a new hobby.

matey2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

funny because Darksiders2 dev says in 2 weeks they had graphics equal to top spec pc in ONM and Valve has said its alot more powerful than ps3 this guy is sucking Microsofts cock Zelda HD demo graphics beats everything this guy does so who cares Nintendo have said ps3 could not do them graphics


Ken Levine we dont need u on board get lossed Nintendo have shown us a glimse of what they are up to and they have proved their talent with Zelda HD tech which looked amazing best graphics ive seen ever then u have Valve/Crytek/Retro Studios/Virgil has 3 games 4 launch/EA/Ubisoft,all these have launch titles

8bit_Nes_Rambo2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I, for one, will not miss Levine's games on WiiU. Bioshock was a massive flop on the PS3, so those that are interested in furthur shock games will probably be getting it on the next Xbox system.

limewax2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Just so you both know, Not only is Levine included in the most highly respected currently active devs. But he has no allegience with MS.....And Bioshock 1 was hardly his game on PS3, He done no work at all on the port, hence you got such a bad port. When it comes to new technologies hes no carmack, but this guy does have a much better understanding of the tech than 99% of devs out there today.

Bioshock Infinite will be a much better experience on PS3 this time around as Levine has been working on PS3 from the ground up with this one, And he can be trusted. He doesn't sacrifice performance as much as other devs are happy to and a nicely stabilised framerate is something he tends to aim for in parity, PS3 will get a much better deal this time

EDIT: Also, Matey, Im not even getting into the thousands of problems with your wall of biased trash. All I will say, troll down a bit will you, even seeing your name is getting annoying

Ness-Psi2539d ago

you would be a fool to pass up on Bioshock Infinite!

2540d ago
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