FortressCraft: Living Proof that Pale Imitations Succeed

A review of the Xbox 360 Indie sensation and Minecraft knock-off, FortressCraft.

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HK62713d ago

Just because Minecraft has been the only really successful game in the block-building genre, it does not mean that every other block-building game is a knock-off. If you want a true clone of Minecraft then go look up Total Miner.

IQUITN4G2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

It may be a little lacking point, other than your own joy of making landscapes, but it's very early days.This first chapter anyway is the creation is just one of creation

My only real quibble is not being able to crouch down to one block size (so i can fit into these spaces), and fairly large block size

Well worth the measly 240 points i payed and all upgrade patches coming will add a fair bit to the creation side like custom made block(make actual models such as chairs or just about anything with an 8x8x8 block size)

I like all variations of this type genre and it doesn't hurt that Forttress Craft looks rather nice too

Give it a try, just don't expect game objectives at this point other than relic hunting