Game Guys review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

There is an old saying that goes like this: "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.". With that saying in mind, Tecmo-KOEI's Dynasty Warriors franchise (and its spin-offs) is one of the most obvious flocks of ducks in the video gaming world. The latest edition into the collective franchises might have feathers inspired by the storied anime 'Gundam', but at it's core it is the familiar Dynasty Warriors game that's been around for years.

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Xof2715d ago

If you own a PS3, there's no excuse to buy this game. There are better Musou titles and better Gundam titles out there more deserving of your money.

CrescentFang2715d ago

I've been interested in Musou games and such. I'm not worried that I won't like it or not, but if you're ok with replying, what do you suggest?

Xof2715d ago

For Musou games?

Dynasty Warriors 7 is fantastic. The best DW game to date.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles on the 3DS is also very good, if a bit limited. I would also recommend looking into the Sengoku Basara games for some very refined musou gameplay, or the older Samurai Warriors games--specifically 2. (I have not yet had the opportunity to play the third game).