The Eye of Judgment creatures alive in your hand

A video of PS3 Addict playing with the Eye of Judgment creatures with a Playstation Eye webcam. These guys look like they're alive in your hands.

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whateva4061d ago

that was cool I would buy it just to smack them around lol.

Beren4061d ago

I love the way that you interact with the cards, the playability is awesome, the strategy too, thx to Sony, Hasbro and WOtC for this lovely game :D

wil4hire4061d ago

in fact, all card games are lame.

But its interesting to see how the eye is being used as well as dynamic animation.

Beren4061d ago

If you think that all the card games are lame it is "your" fact. I don't believe so, i love TCG like MtG, i believe that they are a really nice hobby.BTW it's not dynamic animation its a realtime interactive 3D game with a deep gameplay, and strategy.
Better try it out then say how lame it is duh?
Wow and i was thinking that the people overreacted at your posts .. now i see they was right ... sadly

wangdiddy824061d ago

on Smack my bi%ch up.. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.