PlayStation Vita: Potentially Doomed (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's PlayStation Vita has a wealth of potential, thanks to a variety of features that could make it a hit amongst the gaming community.

On the flip side, those same features could seal its fate.

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sinncross2686d ago

I sort of disagree with this article. i do not see the the many control options as uninviting. I think this si why there is a touchscrren (when there is a touchpad), because the touchscreen would make the device more easily identifiable to smartphone users. nevertheless, maybe Sony could include a tutorial within OS to aid people who do find the device a little complicated.

as for the games paragraph: that is what PS Suite is for: bringing smartphone esque gaming Android, but more importantly PSV.

Again the 3G model is not a problem... the PSV is about social networking on a constant basis, so using 3G to access the PSN to keep in contact with friends. I do agree that maybe not enough info about the 3G model has been made known.

as for phone support... who is really going to use the PSV as a phone... its pretty much bigger then conventional smartphones. And there is skype so there are ways around this problem.

dark-hollow2686d ago

site named (modojo)
what did you expect from it?

blusoops2686d ago

Honest Question...

What's modojo???

trancefreak2686d ago

LOl sorta disparage the article was insta fail.

I got a phone its called a evo 4g. my nice vita will use its hotspot to play while I go.

Not enough casual gamers? Could of fooled me. Last time I checked it was all the craxe.

@ different skus? how many different skus have we seen from all console & hand held manufactures.

The psvita will grow with all its features and have something for everyone.

I seriously dont want my phone to to be a handheld console machine.

Sorry honey cant talk battery is dead from gaming all day.

Close_Second2686d ago

Is the vita getting skype?

There isareason the smartphone evolved. The majority of consumers hate carrying around multiple devices. The vita is not quite an all in one device so users will still need a phone.

longcat2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

tablets have proven that users will carry around a separate device if the quality of the experience is worthwhile.

some dont like reading on a small screen. Some dont like games without proper controls

Plus, people like buying gadgets.

jony_dols2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

'Revealing two models of Vita made Sony look ridiculous'

Bullshit, I haven't heard or read anything negative in the gaming media, referring to Sony giving the consumer a choice of 2 different models at launch. Apple have been using this launch strategy, successfully, for years.

'Developers will shoehorn touch controls into games for no logical reason (other than they can), while the rear touch pad could prove troublesome'

No, Sony Bend have stated that all Vita games, will give the user a choice of touch controls, traditional controls or a combination of the two.

'So far, the company has yet to reveal a strategy for casual gamers'

Eh yes they already have, it's called PS Minis. And every PS Mini game already on PSN will be compatible with the Vita from day one, as will Hustle Kings & Little Deviants, and any Android games that Sony will undoubtedly port over.

This 'journalist' is either an idiot who has done absolutely no research whatsoever, or he is a thinly-veiled troll.

MaximusPrime2686d ago

This article is abit of a joke. I disagree with it.

I LOL'd at this "no phone support"

qwertyz2686d ago

i hope psvita kills the iphone and ipad. it would please me greatly.

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The story is too old to be commented.