New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens show proof of PS3 bias

GamesRadar - Clearly, today’s screenshots were meant as giant slight to Microsoft, and it’s dirty pool we simply can’t condone. Feel free to fight it out in the comments below as we struggle to find something more newsworthy to post about.

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MrSpace2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

"Oh yeah, Carolyn Gudmundson actually played the game at E3 and liked it quite a bit."

I saw a few sites, can't remember what ones, saying the same thing...that the FF13-2 booth at E3 was empty...compared to the other full booths. I don't know whether to believe that people didn't like it or if people just didn't care about it.

BakedGoods2533d ago

Maybe I should dust off FF13. I'm near the end, just didn't have the heart to finish dissapointing.

egidem2533d ago

Same here. Been trying to find some way to dive back onto the game.

grailly2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

same for me, I think I'm at about 5 fights from the last boss, but the fights get so long at the end, also I never liked FF endings, when things get all crazy paranormal hallucination like.

Am I the only one that didn't dislike FF13 because of the linearity? I actually didn't mind it. I didn't like that it was too dumb down; the only stats you had were HP, strength and magic :/ the combat weren't very strategic when you had understood it, and there hardly was any choice when leveling up.

Denethor_II2532d ago

Yeah I finished it after a gap too.

gaffyh2532d ago

@grailly - Yeah the ending isn't AS weird in FF13.

TBM2532d ago

I quite enjoyed it, and I'm waiting for this to continue the story. Been a FF fan since the old nintendo days there's only been one FF game I just couldn't get into and that was FF8 I don't know what it was, but something about it put me off.

I do have a digital copy off of PSN, and maybe I'll give it a go someday to see if it could change my mind about it.

lil Titan2532d ago

im only looking forward to versus and Kingdom Hearts 3 from this company now, they really did PS3 owners dirty

Anderson82532d ago

snap.. i havent played it in months.. i'll complete it eventually i guess

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Iroquois_Pliskin2533d ago

well, i can understand the bias towards the ps3 version since it was supposed to be exclusive.

gamingdroid2532d ago

Companies do it all the time, but I remember Square Enix didn't even bother to use up the space on the disc for the Xbox 360 version. They left like an entire 1-1.5 GB per disc unused on each disc, that really would have helped the video quality.

It was a rushed port, and even when companies favor one platform, they tend to strive for parity. See BF3, MW3 and so on.

They tend to favor it with content, such as extra character and such.

sikbeta2532d ago

It also got to do with the crystal-whatever engine designed for PS3, the x360 version is a port, that is why it does not look as good as the PS3 version.

BigPenguin2532d ago

The crystal tools engine was their multiplat engine.

FFXIII was being made in the white engine, their PS3 engine. It was changed when it went multiplat to the shitty engine. Its why the game sucks so much.

People who use the 360 didn't lower the quality of FFXIII argument realize that there was an entire engine change for them right?

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bakasora2533d ago

Oh great.
Not buying anyway..

catguykyou2532d ago

Now if only your policy carried over to not commenting on the game either...

showtimefolks2532d ago

it was about mafia 2 not having grass in ps3 version or RDR not looking as good as xbox360 version. when i choose to play a game on a system it has to do with controller and as long as gameplay is the same a slight graphical difference never bothers me.

I played RDR on ps3 enjoyed it never even noticed anything i played mafia 2 on ps3 was fine with it though it was not that good of a game graphics were the least of my worries

FF franchise is on playstaion brand. Playstation brand is the reason so many people care about FF and so many other game Ip's. so what if it looks a bit better or different than xbox360 gameplay wise both will be the same and both will look great on HD tv's

so enjoy and forget about these very small things

Vega752532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Speak for yourself dude. I fell in love with FF since the first one started on the Nes and continued to support it up until the last one was released. So no Sony brand wasn't the reason many cared for the series. Matter fact FF and dragon quest is the reason many cared about the Sony's brand

RAmar1012532d ago

mafia 2 not having grass made the screen look cleaner, if u look at 360 demo they are 2d gras and seem to follow the camera about, but i agree its the same game and same enjoyment

hay2532d ago

FF is no way PS brand. Square "betrayed" Nintendo fanbase first. Then was Playstation.
But those were old times.

dafada2532d ago

@hay its because nintendo refused to evolve thats FF moved to playstation......they didnt betray anyone.......can anyone imagine FF7,8,9 on n64?? with those cartridges ?? or 10 an 12 on gamecube......really??!!

pixelsword2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I think the only thing S-E betrayed was their artistic vision. I don't care if it's a PC exclusive, 360, PS3, Wii exclusive or multiplatform; just don't sell your soul. When developers put out a trailer, that's a mission statement; and when people/gamers/critics are hooked by that trailer, they are at least expecting what they see when they get the game.

That's why Killzone 2 blew a lot of people away; it was the trailer that hooked them and they lived up to it. On the other hand about it, that's why Alan Wake underwhelmed a lot of fans; because it didn't live up to their lofty goals.

IF FFXIII was supposed to be in a way that was cut-up or cut short because they wanted to get more case from more people, then I can't really respect that.

Honestly, I know that heard mentality is common amongst gamers, so when you slam a game, they want to take action on you, but that's true. I liked the games I'm about to list, but in a way, I don't feel good about them:

- I didn't like the fact that Alan Wake was changed from a sandbox game to a trail game (I really wanted that game to be sandbox; that game would have been my 360 gem; I loved their original concept)

- How Dark Sector was supposed to be a space game to who knows what that game was about when they finished. I can kinda give it a pass only because it was in the earliest conception stages when it was announced.

- FFXIII was dumbed-down

- I'm still kinda pissed about Id removing one of the factions from [email protected] and changing it from a sandbox game. That being said, I have to give the utmost respect to John Carmack to admit that it's because of the two/three disc deal on the 360 that [email protected] is gimped, but Tim Willits refuting what Carmack said kinda makes me shake my head.

IF it's because of hardware shortcomings on an exclusive game, JUST SAY IT and be truthful; people can understand that. I don't understand developers changing a game they promised to make.

Okay, Tim Willits may be right in saying that two groups may work better than three, but if that's the case, I better well get my sandbox game, but I still don't. Most games have two groups against each other, so again, I'm not seeing how this is bringing anything new or better to the table (maybe a killer story, perhaps?) I say that especially since it was three groups up and until the comments about Carmack talking about how thing will be lowered on the 360. Tim Willits just seems like he's covering up facts then.

showtimefolks2532d ago

where did i say that FF should be ps exclusive all i said is so what if it looks a bit better on ps3.

and it doesn't hurt that its on ONE DISK

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x5exotic2532d ago

Just because the 360 sucks ass doesn't mean it's bias xD

bangoskank2532d ago

No, but biased people such as yourself suck balls.

mastiffchild2532d ago

How did a thowaway and not amusing article where even GR aren't being serious manage to get this hot? Honestly guys, there's NOTHING to see here. The only thing I'm bothered abot is this holding up Versus longer-tey haven't changed the battle system nearly enough for me to ever find much strategy, skill or fun within it and after completing a million hour lesson in just how dull it was to play and how close your choices usually were to auto battle ANYWAY I can't see beyond the awful mess it makes of the effin screen. HATE that combat system more than any I've ever used.

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Supman2533d ago

No one makes a complaint when call of duty show bias
to 360?
oh thats right!
I forgot that every multiplatform
game BELONGS to the 360...
no wonder no one stands up.

Ravenor2533d ago

It's don't take them seriously.


evrfighter2533d ago

uhhh author basically says he's trolling before he writes anything...

MaxXAttaxX2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

This article was stupid.
It was 3 sentences long and the bias joke wasn't all that funny.

One battle screenshot is released showing PS3 controls, clearly that is proof of PS3 bias...sarcastically.
That was the joke and everyone got a big laugh.

lelo2play2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

EA is bias to the PS3.

Activision's Call of Duty is bias to X360.

Miiikeyyy2532d ago

Cus EA has the bigger crowd on PS3 and Activision on Xbox.

ShoryukenII2532d ago

I'd rather have EA on my side. :)

midgard2272533d ago

yeah for real, its fine when MS announces COD:MW3 like if it was an exclusive, but anyone says somethin bout ps3 its bias. ms fans annoy me

UnwanteDreamz2532d ago


Cause that's all you got bud. Wake me when the 360 can hang with GOW or even MG.

Zynga2532d ago

Its not all about graphics and if that's what play then your sad. Because gameplay is much more important and this is why COD sells.

Lord_Sloth2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I dunno why I'm replying to some1 named after a crappy casual game dev company but here goes...

CoD sells because it's macho BS and there's no complexity to it. Frat boys like to feel good at a game and CoD has such a brain dead control scheme, they feel like badasses and fancy themselves gamers because they can take on the campaign mode and they can hide and snipe their friends. Big whoop.

Stay off the ground for a minute while fighting in DMC3 then talk to me about how good you are at games. Don hit the same button over and over requiring nothing more than pointing and pushing a single button with no timing and coordination and claim you're good at games!

Zynga2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

@ Lord_Sloth

If its macho BS to YOU then why is it the best selling game on the PS3. Ill tell you why because ppl play games for FUN and this why it sells. Not your BS reply so understand that and live with it.

All you fanboys are the same, you praise your exclusives thinking it the best thing ever but at the time it sells like shit.

DaTruth2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

What difference does it make what system it sells the best for? Apparently there are also macho frat boys with no complexity, who want to feel good at a game, that own PS3's too!

Lord_Sloth2532d ago

Actually, Zynga, most of the games I play and love happen to be multi-plat. Dead Space 2, Devil May Cry 4, BlazBlue, and I am eagerly awaiting Dark Souls, Deus Ex, and Skyrim. I also happen to have a 360 for some of it's exclusives, such as Fable 3, Tenchu Z, and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Calling me a fanboy for calling a fanbase frat boys and saying CoD sells because this is the crowd it appeals to is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? CoD is fun is actually an opinion. I find it quit simplistic and dull.

Also, Farmville makes more money than CoD, does this mean it's the best damn game ever made?

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Armsgraph2532d ago

nice avatar btw Gordon Ramsay is awesome

Armsgraph2532d ago

to the person who disagrees with everybody jump off a building and see how many agrees you get

buckley2532d ago

Dude... read the article. It's a joke.

Pollak2532d ago

Amazingly someone still disagreed with you. I see reading comprehension is at its usual low on N4G today.

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qwertyz2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

bias ? if there where biased they wouldn't be releasing it on 360 would they ? some people need to think before talking smack.


I'm obviously joking around. you honestly think I can't read ?

Takoulya2533d ago

It's a sarcastic article...


kingdavid2533d ago

It really wasnt all that obvious..

Takoulya2533d ago

That's why you're supposed to read articles instead of passively skimming through them.

kingdavid2533d ago

Im talking about qwerty saying he was "obviously joking"

Takoulya2532d ago

Oh, my apologies, didn't see his edit.

Troll-without-Bridge2533d ago

Gamesradar is joking around. Read the article people.

NyGiants72532d ago

It's Gamesradar, there not like some other game sites that are super serious about  gaming. they actually try to have a little fun w/ there articles, podcasts, and reviews and stuff

Godmars2902533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

XIII was originally under production as a PS3 exclusive which - hopefully - meant full utilization of the Cell processor which supposedly has enhancing graphical abilities.

Then the game went multi with part of the resulting fallout being major graphical differences between trailers and any number of "accidents" where PS3 promo pics were confused as Xbox 360 screens. With obvious differences in the final release.

Now we're looking at XIII-2, which is more and more looking like it was in production before XIII was finished, and again there are issues with the 360 version though slight because both versions of the game don't look as good as XIII, and its bias against the 360.

Like they said, slow news day...

I'm just more upset/done with the likely and growing possibility that XIII-2 is exactly what most think it is: cut content from XIII which Square split off in hopes of doubling sales. Has me hoping that only the people who actually liked XIII buy it and sales are less than half if not lower. Where they deserve to be.

Maybe then Square can get off its @$$ if it not already too late for them.

aquamala2533d ago

Lol at the cell's "enhancing graphical abilities", it's not 2006 anymore.

ninjablaze2532d ago

Yeah I completely agree.

Fanboys to this still try to argue about how the PS3 is waaay more powerful than the 360 when in reality they're extremely close. The closest two consoles have ever been in a gen tech wise.

Bebedora2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

The crossplatform engine, white engine, was in production before I had my launch PS3 in my appartment.

But this is a flame-article, none the less..