Alienware Adds Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N Technology Across Full Line of Gaming Laptops

Bigfoot Networks, the technology company behind the Killer(TM) line of high-performance networking products, today announced that Dell Computer Corporation is adding Killer(TM) Wireless-N 1103 high-performance network adapters as a option to all four of its latest gaming laptop PCs, including the Alienware M18x, M17x, M14x and M11x DELL -0.82%

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Madusha2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Sweet news. I gotta get myself an alienware laptop.

"Up to 450Mbps raw data rate enabled "

Ares842661d ago

Isn't AlienWare a bit overpriced?

undercovrr2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

a bit would be an understatement. I can build the equivalent of a $2000 alienware computer for almost half the price

Omega Zues2661d ago

I personally own a Alienware and yeah the price was a bit over priced but it all depends on the build. How I had my stat out was only a few $$$ more than what it would of cost me to build it my self. Theres nothing wrong with a DIY build but at the same time I love my Alienware.

HOSe2661d ago

meh. u can build an alienware with a 2600 and a 590gtx for 1900$, expensive, but u cannot build a computer for half the price with the same specs.

ATiElite2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

WAY way way super way overpriced.

your basically paying for the hardware, then paying someone to build it, then paying for someone to make a profit off of it.

you can build the same or better for way less but if your PC illiterate and have ZERO PC savvy friends then and ONLY then is it OK to get one and no one will laugh at you for being priced RAPED!

this doesn't apply for laptops cause they are harder to build and get parts for so buying an Alienware laptop is cool.

Ares842660d ago

I know enough about PC's to build one. I always have built my own PC but how can you build your own laptop? I mean, I can change the ram and the HDD but other than that there isn't much you can change in a laptop can you?

As for towers, I got no problem building one. I'm just lazy to get a new one since I don't game on PC as much as I used to.

ThanatosDMC2661d ago

Very overpriced. An Asus laptop with the same specs costs hundreds of dollars less on

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MGRogue20172661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

One thing I really love about Alienware's laptops is how quiet they are. I own an Alienware M15x which I'm currently using right now & I can hardly hear it's fans when just browsing the web or some other stuff, Pretty neat.

When gaming though, Yeah, It gets kinda loud, especially when you have the GPU over-clocked. I'd compare the noise level to a "slim" model Xbox 360.

Alienware's laptops are pure beasts in terms of performance.

n4gisatroll2661d ago

Dell owns Alienware?

Why are most common Dell's such crap then?

JsonHenry2661d ago

Dell owns the Alienware brand now. But it is still a DELL only with top notch parts in it and they slap an alienware sticker on it and charge extra $$ than if you bought the parts and built it yourself.

n4gisatroll2661d ago

Hmm, I guess I'm going to build my own then, I don't want to buy something that's suppose to be great, but is just overpriced because of a name, but then again, we all do that often I suspect.

femshep2661d ago

alienware went to hell once dell bought them out

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