Waiting A Decade for Duke

10 years ago, Bill (Slash000) pre-ordered "Duke Nukem Forever" from his local GameStop, and it's finally time for a pick up!

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Gray-Fox-Type02323d ago

lol cool video, on Xbox he would of been playing straight away rather then the long crap and problems you get on PCs.

thereapersson2323d ago

Your comment is extremely short-sighted

MWH2323d ago

very well expressed.

Rovdjuret2323d ago

kinda stupid thing to say...

OnT: Fun to see that he got some goodies :D

Trunkz Jr2323d ago


It's people like you who embarrass console gamers...

JoshHerrera2323d ago

Wow I feel kinda special. This is my first submitted article lol Its a pretty awesome video though.