Are Nintendo Franchises Actually Milked?

Carl B. of writes, "Nintendo is one of the oldest publishers in the video game industry, giving them a robust list of franchises accumulated over the many years. They have so many familiar intellectual properties that some fans have grown tiresome of them in the last two decades, no matter how high in quality they may be. These fans claim that Nintendo are milking their storied franchises, but is this actually true?"

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RoboSpiff2324d ago

like i always say, "who cares as long as the game is fun"

Moduserous2324d ago

That's true though i would like to see some new franchises.

Xof2324d ago

I don't care about seeing the same franchises again... IF the games are fresh.

Zelda is a great example. With a few (loltrains) exceptions, each game is new and unique.

Mario is somewhat different. The DS game and new Wii game are absurd--they feel exactly like the SNES games. That's... simply not the way to go about things, in my book. Especially if nintendo is going to charge so much.

MaxXAttaxX2324d ago

Actually I enjoy Super Mario DS and Wii more than Galaxy BECAUSE it's more like the SNES games.

Think about how long it's been since we had a Mario game that actually played like a Mario game since the SNES.

live2play2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

XOF last 2D sidescrolling mario game happened in 1991 NSMBWII came out in 2009
18 years in between
this generation has seen 3 uncharteds, 3 gears of wars, 3 killzones, idk how many halos, 3 gears of war

nintendo console got 1 2D sidescrolling mario sine '91

Xof2324d ago

It doesn't matter WHEN the last 2D sidescrolling Mario came out.

If I can get the same experience shelling out $8 for Super Mario World on the virtual console, why the hell should I pay $50 for a Wii update? If they're mechanically the same pointless. This is mario: it's not like they're going to introduce a narrative or something to make the new game more unique or interesting (or different) than the older ones.

morganfell2324d ago

Why does this story bear a 360/PS3 tag? The entire point of choosing a filter tab at the top is to have some ability to select story relations.

live2play2324d ago

oh really i wasnt aware that i could startSMW play the whole game and play coin battle with 3 other friends....
maybe i should blow on the ol cartridge and start it up because according to you i missed something

N4g_null2324d ago

Xof your talking to gamers here.

It's sort of like saying building muscle cars has no story, plot atmosphere. The sane goes for real sports, other games like like chess poker you know games.

The new Mario is nothing like the old one or I would have crushed it like I did the other one. You see reading about it is not like beating it. Think about that.

Now most games today you can read the guide and beat it no problem that's not even using your brain. Story based games with out reply equals movie games with out a movie, you guys are loving this acclaim type sh:t. Sad.

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t0mmyb0y2324d ago

Agreed. I use the term 'milked' with games that dont change up much and they are just trying to cash in

just_sayin2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Yes they're milked nintendo hasn't had a new ip sinces the first nes. Come on nintendo create something new without Mario&co.

Desert Turtle2324d ago

I guess you skipped over Pikmin.

just_sayin2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

damn i did lol well create a new one

mastiffchild2324d ago

But, and Ilove nintendo even without beuing a Mario fan really, he'sgot a point when Pimin was the last truly mainline IP they put out for home consoles and that's geting on for TEN years ago if I'm not mistaken. Surely a propely made and promoted IP kjin that tine frame is not too much to hope for, no?

We alllove the massive, comfy Nintendo franchises but a few new ones sometimes would goa long way to showing a braver side to the actual games and shutting up those who do feel we get a few too many rehashes from the big N.

It's not the biggest criticism when they have such a massive catalogue of quality old franchises to bring back fresh but people will always want something truly, honestly new and we don't get that in IP terms fro them nearly enough to stop these accusations.

What makes it SEEM worse than it sometimes is is also the way Nintendo and the third parties have never meshed like other platforms have managed so their own games have more slack to pick u so the lack of new IP is very plain to see. not having a dig-just saying a lot of the flak they take would go should they try some new characters now and again as leads.

Also SSB games are more fan service than anything resembling a really new IP with new characters and, though I love the games, is hardly one to bring up when Nintendo are being criticised for not adding NEW charatcres as it's a collection of old ones by nature.

N4g_null2323d ago

Wave race, f zero, excite truck, you can say sin and punishment all funded by nintendo, the wii sports stuff, wario ware, dkw, starfox, kid icarus, the 3 new RPGs coming pokemon, new punch out, killer 7 partly, man hd is going to be interesting when these guys get going.

Then on top of that nintendo has sequels that are totally different example is Zelda and 2d Mario vs 3d Mario. Both rock. Maybe we will get metal Mario on some steam punk nuclear fall out mushroom kingdom ish lol.

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live2play2324d ago

nintendo knows how to keep it fresh though,
look at kirby canvas curse, epic yarn, mass attack, kirby wii they are VERY DIFFERENT
mario keeps changing the way we play platformers, evolving with every generation, im not saying they are great (imo they are) im just saying they DO change

Valk2323d ago

Pikmin,Giest, Wii SPorts, Disaster Day of Crisis, Pandoras Tower, Fling Smash, Just this gen and last off the top of my head..

Speaking from ignorance or blowing things out of proportion will not sway anyone to your side except ignorant fanboys.

Fact is you just missed a lot of new IPs claiming they havent had a new one since NES days. So to you Pokemon doesnt even exist?

AronDeppert2324d ago


Klaykid1232324d ago


Mini Mario2324d ago

So EA gets a free pass? How many maddens do we need. Seriously.

N4g_null2323d ago

How did you like that playstation Mario kart killer. Flawless suicide. The only thing stale is ps3 exclusives. No real good ips out side of gow that play well.

Klaykid1232323d ago

@Mini Mario

I hate EA Sports games with a passion. My brother plays Madden and it grinds my gears.

GOW isn't even THAT good. It's just a button masher with good graphics.

gumgum992324d ago

To an extent, yes, I think they are being a little milked. I don't mind it with Mario Kart though because that is a good series, and the gap between releases is pretty reasonable. I'm also happy to see Kid Icarus give the Nintendo roster some freshness for Nintendo 3DS.

jwk942324d ago

Yeah, they are milked, people just don't pay attention to Nintendo's milking. Personally, this is why I stopped playing my Wii ages ago, I couldn't stand waiting for the same game to keep coming out to have a reason to play the Wii, it was aggravating.

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