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Submitted by teradio 1671d ago | review

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Xbox 360) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

Mike Chen:

I'll reiterate, stories don't matter much in fighting games! But, I will tell you about the new character back-stories nonetheless. Ryu has ultimately been corrupted by Akuma with Dark Hadou, the power that both Ryu and Ken are honed in, thus forming Evil Ryu; who wants to quench his new thirst for fighting to the death. Akuma has removed his prayer bead, a necklace that kept him from going insane with power and allowed his true power to show, thus Oni Akuma has been born; truly the evil incarnate. The twins Yun and Yang have come to fight in the tournament, because Chun-Li is fighting in this tournament and seeing as that's the case, they are naturally interested and want to test their own fighting strength. (Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

DiLeCtioN  +   1671d ago
I really appreciate what they have done with this game, I still get my ass kicked online but to master it I keep coming back.

Truly a challenge

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