PS3 Gamers Are Real World Heroes

Quick, are gamers socially impaired, violence prone losers or technically hip, socially conscious good guys? The numbers don't lie: Sony Playstation3 participation is 30x that of Windows machines in Stanford's disease fighting [email protected] project. And PS3s provide 80% of the TFLOPS this project uses.

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PS3 Limps on and on4061d ago

Why? Because it's all about loyatly. Sure XBOX 360 has had better games thus far but we don't forget about the console brand that we grew up playing

PS3 fans = loyatly
360 fans = loyatly to themselves.

mighty_douche4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

dude, i think some of us arent quite so die hard. its silicone and plastic my friend, nothing more.
reasons i bought the ps3:
had the games i want...MGS, KZ (after E3 trailer 05), LBP etc
had the HD player
just looks damn cool
and most important, it offers me a promise, the promise of it still being supportted and still kicking ass years from now.

lynx1halo4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )



remix4061d ago

im loyal to the end.

bubbles for you

cmrbe4061d ago

I am loyal to Sony as long as they deliver which they have in the case of the PS3 for me personally. I am not a short sighted person and i know quality when i see it.

jay34061d ago

Are you guys serious? Loyalty? Come on, give us all a break here.



Are you trying to act like you're not a fanboy? Bad job, man.

I'm sorry but this whole Loyalty thing is a load of crap.

marinelife94061d ago

I still think Microsoft should join the [email protected] initiative as well. Add 12 million more 360's to the fray and increase the performance even more.

whengeeksgobad4061d ago

To proclaim that you are loyal to some major corporate entity is something to be proud of? Be proud then I guess. I will buy a ps3 because I like games. Not because I'm "loyal," thats not loyal thats being a consumer tool. Congrats. I'll "stay loyal to myself" by thinking for myself and not confusing a statement made to compliment ps3 owners with more fanboy 360 vs ps3 garbage. Pssh.

On to the actual statement itself: yes. Ps3 owners have done a HUGE service to folding for their contributions and it is pretty great they are doing it.

Mark 14061d ago

@@@______(*) THE BOABY...

aba4061d ago

I had a PS1 and PS2, so whatever...

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Hapimeses4061d ago

It must be said: whenever I [email protected], I don my cape and put my underwear on outside my trousers.

If that doesn't mean I'm a superhero, I don't know what does.

I'll be very interested to see how folding increases as the PS3 sells more.

Leg-End4061d ago

i dont think it will increase as ps3 user base grows because people gradually lose interest in [email protected] - these are then replaced by the new owners of the console

whengeeksgobad4061d ago

I don't do this often but I'm making a very general statement here:

I'm betting that less than 1% of all ps3 owners bought their ps3 for [email protected] So within that context I don't think it will help sales at all. It is pretty incredible to see how much computing power the thing has though.

Shankle4061d ago

Well duh! No one bought a PS3 for [email protected] You can do it on a computer. The idea is to improve sony's public image and emphasise the power of the ps3. The little things help to sway decisions.

Armyless4061d ago

before we pre-judge whether people purchase a PS3 to fold...

or two.

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Neurotoxin4061d ago

Yes its true Murderers, paedofiles and rapists don`t play playstation.......

But even if they did, they are folding @ home.

Yeah..... Real heroes

fyou4061d ago

Murderers, paedofiles and rapists are busy playing the 360 with their 8-year-old boyfriends. "Hey Billy, wanna see my Master Chief?" *ZIP*

Keyser4061d ago

that was disgusting and hilarious all at the same time.

Back on topic, folding at home is dealing with real life problems, outside of games.

If you could help a dying person wouldn't you? I hope so...

WilliamRLBaker4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )


Since the inception of [email protected] (about 5 years ago i believe) not a single innovation, or breakthrought in cancer, medicene...ect research can be attributed to folding.

then again we've not found aliens either:)

P.S:FACT if sony really wanted to benefit mankind, they would have taken 10,000 ps3's linked them and run folding. Linked like a giant processor they could crunch numbers faster then 5 super computers on the planet, all the data all the consumer ps3's running folding at home do in one day, the ps3 farm linked could go through in about 5 minutes.

P.P.S: folding was a publicity stunt for sony.

Final Thought:
3 disagrees, I want you to find proof attributing [email protected] to an breakthrough in human medicine, or cancer research...I've done searches and can find nothing attributed to [email protected]

I all so want proof that 10,000 ps3's linked to work as one big processor wouldn't be better then the seperate ps3's currently running it.

mighty_douche4061d ago

...lets cancel all medical research huh, i mean your right... whats the point....


THUNDERMARE4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

So scientists have been trying to cure cancer for the last 100 years, and did they succeed?

Like that article said, if you even read it, it required 30 CPU years to simulated folding. Its only been 3 years into this project and 1 year since PS3 contributed to the project (yes 40k PS3 have contributed more than 1 million PC) and you expect them to magically solve a hundred years old question?

Amp4061d ago

You Pathetic Troll.FACT, NO DISESAE IS CURED WITHOUT RESEARCH.What IS the cure for cancer? Do you know it and arent telling anyone? The fact that you troll on every [email protected] article is just unbelievable.Put your head back up your bottom side, where it belongs. NOBODY is forcing a PS3 ownwer to [email protected], its their choice. If the little bit each person does helps the research, what POSSIBLE consequence does that pose to you?pathetic

WilliamRLBaker4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

awww you cant say a single thing to prove me wrong, so you make a random vague statement that I'm trying to say stop medical research.

Most Medical research actually produces a result after a time, [email protected] has not, New studies have come from it but no breakthroughs.

I all so take back the time frame its not been 5 years, its been about 3..

If you knew any thing cancer is alot older then 100 years, and has been an affliction for a while to the human race.

All so if you knew any thing, My father died from cancer:)
all so if you knew any thing.

Not a single Genetic, Disease,Medicine breakthrough can be attributed to [email protected]

Sony Doesn't care about the common man, If they had wanted they could have easily taken 10,000 ps3's from their own pocket put them all on BI G FAT fiberoptic internet, and linked them for a massive super computer thats capable of running through all the data in 5 minutes that it takes a day for all the ps3's currently running [email protected]

[email protected] is a publicity stunt for sony, they used it to say look what we did!!

The Debate isn't either [email protected] is good for us, or weither it will produce a result.
THE DEBATE Is that sonyfanboys aren't heros because their are people in this country that built computer farms in their basements just to run [email protected] and haven't been called heros.

Sony doesn't give a damn, and neither do sonyfanboys:)

Oh and I must say sonyfanboys say the ps3 is a super computer on its own, Why wouldn't 10,000 of them linked and programmed to do comprehensive tasks as a same unit? hmmmm?

and Like i've said to every one else.


mighty_douche4061d ago

your arguement is rediculous, ok maybe they havent achieved anything yet, but does that mean they should stop, is that your outlook on life? if you dont get something straight away you give up?

the ps3's are sat in peoples homes, each adding, maybe there fighting a lossing battle, maybe it seems meanless, but you know what, i give £2 a month to charity, but i still see alot of people dieing of hunger, now, should i stop giving?


Hummm I like to see when a doctor tells you that you got a brain cancer. You, then, run to your local game store, buy 20 PS3 and start folding like no tomorrow.

SmokeyMcBear4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

seriously baker, your hatred for sony makes you look like a freaking idiot. Every single PS3 has the ablitly to do folding at home.. every single one, how many are out there, lets say 5 million, maybe 10 million by the end of the year, the potential there is awesome, even if one percent of the people owning ps3s use the folding at home, you can see it. You actually try and turn this around and make it bad for sony because they didnt create a cluster of ps3s to perform these calculations year round. You are a piece of crap baker, you really are, finding negativity in something that is offered free of charge, and up to you do it if you want, and furthers research in diseases that are affecting thousands of people on a daily basis, just go back to playing video games, and pray to god no one in your family comes down with a horrific disease. I applaud any type of research that is being made to rid our society of these deadly diseases. Get a life buddy, the world is a lot bigger than the tv screen in front of your face.

"IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY IGNORE ME" wahhhhhh... damn crybaby, can't take a little debate, rather have people like youself have their head stuck in the sand.. nawww i dont ignore people thats for pu$$ies, I like to see your crap and call you on it, its funner that way, now go change your panties

Edwin19894061d ago

mr WilliamCryBaby wants us to ignore him... aawwwwww

well bad news for you, I won't HAHA

Kaneda4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )


[email protected] has been there long before PS3. Research takes time... it doesn't mean take 100,000 computers hook up and you got your solutions... maybe when you go to high school and take science class you will understand...

whengeeksgobad4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

William, I can't offer you proof that it's helping. I will say however that I don't believe it's hurting. These are spare CPU cycles and stanford seems to think they can be put to use. Research continues until it ends, so in the case of [email protected], it can and may go on forever, but thats also the point of research (IMO).

They *can't* link 10,000 ps3's together, they don't have the money. That is the whole point of distributed processing programs such as seti and folding to the best of my understanding.

Whether Sony "cares" or not is besides the point really. The outcome for sanford is the same regardless...

There have been examples of IBM blades being replaced by a cluster of PS3's, in smaller research groups and they have been very productive. Google ps3 clustering to find a wealth of info on it. At any rate, just thought I'd chime in with my perspective. No offense intended.

OmegaKulu4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Fact, you can't come up with medical breakthrough without understanding the problem in the first place, and [email protected] is an approach to understand the cause, not to find solution. Protein folding mechanics is a lot different than typical medical studies where you normally just inhibit the error protein, which doesn't solve the problem.

There are 2 approach to actually solve the problem, 1 is through complete DNA alteration to produce the correct protein sequence(human DNA alteration research have yet to make any breakthrough as well, and they've been doing it for yrs now, and they have a huge issue with press and governmental) 1 other approach is to try systematically fix the error protein during its folding so it will end up in the correct shape in the final stage. This is where [email protected] come in, to understand folding mechanics, an area that have yet to be fully understood in the medical world.

You need to try harder.

Arkham4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

FACT: "At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

I always love bringing that old one out for occasions like this.

Zeevious4061d ago


I'm not sure [email protected] is researching the field of solving the pesky problem of raving madness, but there have been some FANTASTIC breakthroughs in the field.

I'd suggest you try a morning dose of Prozac...

An afternoon tea spiced with Valium...

And a nice cozy Wellbutrin chaser after dinner...

Get back to me in 2 weeks...
Oh but wait, by then you'll be all ignored so I won't be taking your calls.

Don't worry, with 2 weeks of all that you won't feel depressed about it at all.

Armyless4061d ago

just skip it.

Not worth it.

tethered4061d ago

Why do you even care what Sony is doing to help people?
Its not on your 360 so it doesn't concern you.
Why do you feel anyone here will take you seriously?

Why do you even care about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray?
Its not on your 360 so it doesn't concern you. Unless you paid extra for the add-on.

My point is this. You come into PS3 discussions and bash the PS3 and everything about the PS3.
You bash [email protected]
You bash Blu-ray.
You bash the people that play the PS3.
Why do you even care?

You have nothing to do with [email protected] on the PS3.
You have nothing to do with Blu-ray on the PS3.
You have nothing in common with people that enjoy the PS3.
Why? Because you hate everything about the PS3.

So........ why?

What can you possible expect to get out of all this bashing?
Do you think someday Microsoft is going to reward you for a job well done or something like that?

I really see no reason for you to even respond to this because it will turn into a bash-fest anyway.

Please do us all a favor and go back to the 360 side of this site and leave us alone until you have something nice to say about the PS3.

Thank you.

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