IGN- Ms. Splosion Man Review

IGN: "When you're not methodically deciphering a puzzle, Ms. Splosion Man roars by at speeds so fast you can barely keep up with the action. There are intense platforming challenges here that will give your reflexes a workout. Most of the time, obstacles appear too quickly to navigate them on the first try. This is a game of trial and error, but checkpoints are (generally) placed smartly.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing Ms Splosion Man even when my hands were sweaty and I was about to make my 100th attempt to pass a particularly challenging sequence. The imagination at work here is astounding.

Ms. Splosion Man is another excellent, thrilling platformer from the insane team at Twisted Pixel. This one is a little harder than the first, so be warned that you are in for a serious challenge. But there is more creativity packed into one Ms Splosion Man level than many other games can muster in their entirety, so I definitely recommend everyone check it out."

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VictoriousB132533d ago

Twisted Pixel is such an awesome developer. They have a style all their own.

m232533d ago

Can't wait to play this, loved the first game.