Martin Edmondson on Driver: “I wanted a darker, grittier look for Tanner”

In the first part of our exclusive interview with Driver’s creator Martin Edmonson, we discuss his main inspirations, why the opening car park level was so damn difficult and finally solve a lingering car mystery.

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killerhog2713d ago

The only real driver games were on the psx. Everything afterwards (and on other devices) sucked. I was interested in this game but I don't like the complete unrealistic direction they took. I wanted driver to go the gta route like driver 3 if it wasn't buggy and stupidly wrote

Kee2713d ago

Driver was pretty revolutionary for it's time. I highly doubt it has aged well, but you can't really forget what it did for driving games. Things like the car damage, the control etc were unprecedented for the time.

I'm pretty sure V-rally was the other main "jump up" before that and if you look at that again now, you will see that the cars in that handle like a box on wheels.