GameInformer: Why We Love The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

GameInformer: "In celebration of the five-year anniversary edition of Oblivion, we look back at our favorite moments playing Bethesda’s triumphant RPG.

Eighteen games launched alongside the Xbox 360 when the console shipped in November of 2005, but it wasn’t until the following March that many GI editors felt they played their first true next-gen title. With its stunning visuals, vast world, and deep collection of quests, several of us spent hundreds of hours immersed in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion experience, and these are our favorite parts."

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ATiElite2715d ago

cause it's a great game.

cause it has some great mods.

cause it's the Elder Scrolls

Cause it has oblivion in the title

Ser2715d ago

I'm picking up my 5th anniversary edition tomorrow! Love this game.

Tr10wn2715d ago

Same here a nice piece of collection right there, since i own it on PC already ill be taking the 360 one, i hope it looks as good as the one in PC with out mods of course.

Kee2715d ago

It's a fantastic opportunity for people who haven't played it to experience the game and realise that even after 5 years, some games can still compete with what is out now.

Personally, I still have the game because really I've still only half beaten it because I've completed the game with 3 different races with different sets of abilities. The possibilities are endless. I decided I'm gonna explore some of these avenues in skyrim instead, as it is now shockingly close. It's amazing how about this time last year I was ranting about how much I'd love to see a new elder scrolls game and how it is now coming. I'm really looking forward to it.

RedDead2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I can't play it anymore. Now that I know how it works, no exploration really. Wasted so much time looking for stuff not knowing about the scaling.

Bigpappy2715d ago

Thank you. That game became very repetative for me. There was no desire to explore and loot. What ever you found was pointless because as soon as you put it on, everyone esle in the game would match it. There was no need for money, except to buy houses. It just got really boring for me and I would never be able to finish the game.
But I do understand some people like their hands held in open world games so they don't get losted. I believe these people who prefer this type of play in open games are those used to GTA. But GTA is an action game, not and RPG. Morrowind was an RPG. Obliviang was an Action RPG in that order.

banjadude2715d ago

For me, it was the modding community. When I first tried Oblivion (never played an open-world RPG on PC before), it was crazy how much stuff there was to do.

After discovering mods for the game, I swear, it was like playing 4+ games ontop of Oblivion. There's just so much stuff!

shayol33t2715d ago


Also why whenever any dev drops mod support for a game it makes me cringe/*sigh*/angry. Mods extend game life far, far beyond anything else.