Why Donny Deutsch And The Today Show Hosts Are Dead Wrong

GamingExaminer writes, "Ignorance. It’s evident everywhere in our society, but I’m having a hard time finding it more prevalent than in the public’s perception of video games. It seems everywhere you turn these days, there is some sort of media outlet attacking video games; whether it’s too violent, offensive, brain rotting, etc."

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SarahFox2509d ago

ugh i was ENRAGED at this this morning omg, everyone is entitled to their opinions i know, but i still was angry. It's the only time i ever wanted to write in to a show lol.

TheLastGuardian20102509d ago

Watching a movie like this


isn't considered "odd" for an adult to watch.

Playing a videogame like this


Give me an effin break. People who have never touched a video game in there life shouldn't be allowed to talk about videogames. That's like a person whose never taken drugs talk about why drugs should be banned.

Idiots, that's all I have to say.