PlayStation Store Preview – July 12th, 2011: Get Freaky with Catherine

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section.

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Ser2709d ago

Catherine demo - Gimme it.

Hanif-8762709d ago

I'm gonna buy Shank for $7 which is a good deal i missed the $5 deal which ended last week i think

Hanif-8762709d ago

Silly me i'm PS plus hense i'll be getting it for $5 dwl can't wait :-)

jeseth2709d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I was going to get it too but never got around to it. Definitely getting it for $4.89 PS+ price . .. what a steal.

NukaCola2709d ago

Got the Rockstar Pass os Reefer Madness is mine! and definetly looking forward to Catherine.

I will probably scoop up the enitre Back to the Future series now.

And to all who haven't played them:
Shank is ok. But worth the sale price.
Scott Pilgrim was on $10 at release but I would of payed more for it. It is one of the most badass games on PSN. Everything in it a big tribute to oldschool gaming. You will see when you play it, there are so many secrets in this game it's nuts. Even the ingame cheat codes are based on real codes. I'll give you a free bee. Remember ABACABB the Mortal Kombat blood code? It's in here as Sq,X,Sq,O,SQ,X,X. You'll get way more value than what you pay.

Lifewish2709d ago

yea can't wait to play the demo.. Really enjoyed what I played at E3

Xof2709d ago

Why haven't you played it already?

I've had the demo on my PS3 for months.

BakedGoods2709d ago

Because making a Japanese account and struggling through the store just isn't worth it to some people (me included).

Lifewish2709d ago

@ Xof,

Because I just didn't feel like using my Japanese account to play it. :)

showtimefolks2709d ago

scot pilgrim
and back to future full game

i just got burnout paradise for 7.99 but when i try to download the game its giving me an error code saying something about servers.

also just got hustle kings

how is pacman championship edition? worth 4.89 lol damn these plus prices make it so much better maybe i should just renew

how is plant vs zombies? worth 15?

skyblue142132709d ago

Hustle kings is a good game, get pacman championship edition it is definitely worth the price. I have all of those games that you mentioned and they are pretty good for the most part. Shank is ok, I would not pay full price for it though, but if you get it at a discount I suggest pick it up.

I have over 100 psn games so if you want to know some more good psn games that are worth getting send me a pm.

smoothdude2709d ago

I got burnout paradise for $30 a week before the sale :(. Oh well, I still feel like $30 is fair for the game. At least I get all the expansions for cheap.

Bonobo123452709d ago


I bought BFBC2 off steam for £19.99 then the next day it came up in sale for £5.00.

I feel like a chump.

decimalator2709d ago

I don't understand Catherine. a demo will be nice

BakedGoods2709d ago

Yeah, I seriously have no idea what it is. Is it a strange interactive anime? Border-line hentai for the mainstream? A crappy puzzle game? What is it?

Urrakia342709d ago

Relax it's basically just a puzzle game with some sexuality and morality choices thrown in. Nothing special.

JonnyBigBoss2709d ago

Catherine demo? YES. I WANT IT!

Szarky2709d ago

Indeed, REALLY looking forward to this on art-style alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.