Origin vs Steam: EA’s attempt to weaken Steam’s reputation

Within these last few months EA has made much controversy around Steam; The sudden disappearance of Crysis 2 to Battlefield 3 not being listed on Steam. At first, they seem like harsh decisions by Valve, but in reality they signal EA’s attempt at casting a negative light on Steam with them pushing their own alternative, Origin.

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fluffydelusions2594d ago

Origin vs Steam will only result in a massive fail for EA.

Chinner2594d ago

EA's sloppy handling of this how thing will do them no good. They want to make Valve look like the bad guy, but its obvious they're the ones in the wrong.

JsonHenry2594d ago

EA can't even get their websites and forums to work half the time..

Motorola2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

And alot of people that bought BC2 from Steam during the sale CAN'T start it. EA didnt supply enough CD keys for the Summer sale. I bet if I go buy it from Origin it wont work either. C'mon EA get it together!

Trunkz Jr2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

If EA allowed me to import all my games from Steam to Orgin for free, I wouldn't mind giving Orgin a try. Also, they really need to have crazy deals like steam does, thats another big factor.

ATiElite2594d ago

you TRAITOR...... :)

EA could come to my house and even at gun point I wouldn't switch from STEAM.

i would just curl up in a ball, constantly mumble, drool, piss, and shite myself until they left.

ATiElite2594d ago

As PC Gamers we all know EA is only in it for the money and can careless about how PC Gamers feel. EA will drop us quicker than a turd after Beer and late night Taco Bell if they feel the money is not right.

Sure Valve is in it for the cash but has Valve done anything to say that they don't care about the PC Gamers first and foremost. HELL NO!

As PC Gamers it's up to us (as always) to make sure we get to keep what we enjoy so we must continue to support STEAM. BUT not buying BF3 would be super duper go to a store and buy the retail edition.

I know it sucks but hey times are rough.

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BeastlyRig2594d ago

enuff of these articles..

thebudgetgamer2594d ago

ea publishes a lot of games and if they decide to pull all their content off of steam it might end up worse for steam.

AKissFromDaddy2594d ago

"....Steam’s monopoly is a natural monopoly; a product of being the best."

blumatt2594d ago

Well..uh...quoted. lol That pretty much sums it up. Steam has earned its reputation and deserves its success. It's good us gamers have game services that offer online gaming that's free of charge. Game services that have friends lists and voice chat, etc. that are free of charge. Wouldn't it be better if all game networks offered these things for free.... Oh wait, they mostly all do. PSN, Wii Online, Steam, etc. all do those things for free. But...hmm, isn't there one that makes you pay yearly for those things? What's that called?

The world may never know. lol :)

ViserysTargaryen2594d ago

This could turn ugly really quick. Maybe Steam could address some publisher complaints by allowing a vanilla digital download option without all Steam stuff. That will please some of the fans too actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.