Hori Fighting Stick Bashes North America

According to the official Hori US website, the classic arcade fighting pad will be heading to North American shores exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. This device will be released in November 2007 for $49.99.

-This product does not have the Classic Controller's L or R Stick fitted. Also the L button and R button do not function with the analog output.

-This product connects to the Wii controller as a "Wii remote expansion" and does not function when directly connected to the Wii.

-This product is compatible with Classic Controller compatible games. Games that are Classic Controller compatible have the compatible mark on the back of the packaging.

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GuardianEarth4058d ago

What the hell is the point of it if we have Wii Remotes, GCN controllers and Classic Styles? This pad is limited to everything that is before the 3D age.

Brainiac 84058d ago

It was mostly made for fighters that showed up on the Wii, since most of them have the option of standard button configurations.

I think it's a great controller actually.

WilliamRLBaker4058d ago

the options you get with the wii are fine infact perfect for fighting games.

ChickeyCantor4058d ago

actually arcade layouts are great for fighting games.

QQcrybaby4057d ago

If you are serious into fighting games you know that the classic controller is not sufficient. Games like Guilty Gear and the SNK titles need a stick for proper control.