A Personal Tale Of Screwing Up: The PSP Failure Extravaganza

Doctor StrangeLove writes, "I'm a relatively nice person, I have no problem with letting people borrow my things for their enjoyment because really I can't use all of my stuff all of the time. I just wish that people other than my brother could understand that they're using someone's extremely expensive technology. My kindness is what lead to the breaking of my prized Mint Green PSP. I went to go get it one day so I could finish the extra missions on Peace Walker. Upon bringing it home I powered it on, merely to see if the screen was smudged or dirty. The XMB immediately shot to the right. I thought that was kind of odd, and pushed on the left button to get to the game menu. Again, it shot straight back to the far right. I didn't know what to think. Maybe there was some gunk or food stuck under the button? The people I let borrow it don't really understand the concept of greasy hands. So I went to work with a toothpick. A mighty tool used for cleaning the hardest to reach places. Surely this would work I thought to myself. I turned the system back on, and it shot straight to the left. Alright, something might be wrong here."

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