Today Show: You’re Odd if You Game as an Adult

Apparently the Today Show has a segment which talks about a guys perspective on life. The bit features Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, whose looks have passed years ago, and former TV host Donny Deutsch.

During the segment, Deutsch is asked if it’s normal for men in their 30′s to still play video games because he’s evidently All Knowing.

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LOGICWINS2661d ago

LOL, they say its odd for men over 30 to still play videogames..yet watch the last five seconds of that vid. THATS odd.

fluffydelusions2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

That must be a lot of odd people because the average gamer age today is 37. Honestly, who cares the only people that watch this show are probably retired 65+ olds so yeah maybe they are odd to that age group.

longcat2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

That age (37) is given by the ESA.

If you read their reports, they give very little information about their data gathering process.

Without this info, you really cannot take that figure seriously

Muffins12232661d ago

my whole family watch this every morning :D

Bereaver2661d ago

Ignorance is bliss right?

Legion2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Just retired from the military and the majority of our military leadership must be odd too? Had my 46th Birthday recently and am still an avid gamer. My taste has changed since I was young but doesn't mean gaming isn't still a part of my life.

So what about all the housewives on farmville... is that odd too?

What I find odd is 2 grown (I really mean OLD) women sitting around all morning drinking wine and talking about stuff they have no clue about. Nice way to promote early morning bing drinking ladies.

BeOneWithTheGun2660d ago

I just turned 38 and have Skyrim, Batman and Battlefield on pre-order. 25K Gamerscore and level 12 trophy card. This guy can bite me.

dgonza402660d ago

Way to be completely ignorant and judgemental Today show.

Gaming is a hobby, and for others, a lifestyle.
Adults are the ones who create and develop games to begin with...

At the end of the day, it's their choice to play videogames and they shouldnt be labeled "odd" by anyone.

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shayol33t2661d ago

Yep the largest media industry in the world is infantile and childish...wait....

RememberThe3572661d ago

The largest media industry with an average are of 37. Todays media is so out of touch it's ridiculous.

JsonHenry2661d ago

Yeah, very odd.. who are these people again? I literally have never heard of them. And I am 30. Thanks to these people I now know I am odd.

LNDCalling2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

LMAO.. that comment did make me chuckle.. I feel your pain.. haha..

And don't worry.. I'm older and most probably odder too.. :S

Edit: bubs up for makin me smile! :)

Drake_Seraphim2661d ago

Then it's "odd" for men to watch sports too since it's esentually a game as well. I don't let media define me. I'll be playing games when I'm 90 and loving every minute of it!

egidem2661d ago

Same here. I've been gaming since...well, as young as I can remember. It something that brings me joy and entertainment.

I don't see myself suddenly stopping to game because I'm over 30 or because society thinks that I'm too old to game. As long as this body keeps on breathing, I don't see why I won't continue to game. I can see myself gaming in my retirement ages!

TyrionL2660d ago

See the thing is how old these people are. They are from and older generation. I'm 31 and I grew up gaming, these people did not. They grew up pushing a hoop up and down the street trying to avoid all the horse and buggies. I'm just joking, but the generation they come from did not grow up with gaming, so I feel that’s where they got this attitude. I bet they play cards, or pool, witch to me is pretty much the same thing for a different generation. The fact the one old woman said, "they're talking about the weird ones in the basement", just shows they still believe in the old stigma that was associated with gaming. BTW if you pause it at 00:21 and look at the OLD woman’s face that says this, I think that’s weird, man I f%^kin HATE plastic surgery and it made this woman look absolutely grotesque. I could sit around on a show and laugh at her insecure ass getting cut on to give an artificial young look all day long, the same way they laughed about our hobby, you know. I would also like to know what each one of these people’s hobbies are, especially the guys, because I would rather play games any day of the week as opposed to drink, or let a doctor cut on my face because I have put way to much stock into outward appearances, as I’m sure is all of their main hobbies. I would 10 to one rather be around a gamer then a plastic surgery victim any day of the week.

AKS2661d ago

Seriously. And Donny Douche is the guy they choose to represent masculinity? Good grief.

TBM2661d ago

i'm 37 and still game its a hobby and i love it.

egidem2661d ago

WTF do they know??...and what the hell did I watch at the last 5 seconds??

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Jake_Butler2661d ago

It's a good thing their opinion means shit to me.

TheLastGuardian20102661d ago

What? Really? So playing something like Ico, a beautiful surreal artistic masterpiece is considered, odd.

Why do get the feeling they googled video games, and the first picture they got was call of duty and made a whole news story on this.

Son_Lee2661d ago

Don't they know the average age of gamers are in their 30s? How about doing your research first?

theonlylolking2661d ago

I thought it was like 27? Oh well, the older the average the dumber they seem.