PoV: Are PS3 and Xbox 360 nearing their technical peaks?

Both Microsoft and Sony have said separately that their home video game consoles would each have a life-cycle of at least ten years. We’re only a little past the halfway mark but developer and publisher Codemasters believes that we are fast approaching the consoles’ technical ceilings.

When asked by gaming news blog CVG whether the current console generation is nearing their technical peak, Bodycount director Andy Wilson said, ”I think [that's] probably fair, yeah.” Another Codemasters man, F1 2011‘s designer Stephen Hood, also pointed out that F1 2011‘s hardware demands put quite a strain on current gen consoles.

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Sub4Dis2687d ago

they may be, but am I the only person getting tired of seeing the same dumbass opinions about the same dumbass topics over and over on this site? i know july is not a good month for gaming, but how about some of these sites introduce some creativity and originality?

DlocDaBudSmoka2687d ago

i know what ya mean. its like the saying 'same shit, different day'. i have to browse through 15 pages to find any 'news' for this gamer.

SoulMisaki2687d ago

I'm only getting a PS4 day one if it's under 399 and can play PS3 games.

If it can't play PS3 games, I'll wait.
If it is over $399, I'll wait.

Simple as that.

ChozenWoan2686d ago

could not have said it better myself.

+1 bub for well said SoulMisaki! ;)

Thrillhouse2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

On a large scale, I'd say yes. We're not going to see games that are vastly better looking than Uncharted 3 on the PS3. The devs will be able to do minor optimisations that may allow better framerates, some more particles on screen at once, etc. but we won't see another graphical overhaul until the next consoles.

No amount of dev genious can add more ram or better gpu and cpu's.

lelo2play2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Personally i think Uncharted 3 looks a lot like Uncharted 2, with some optimizations ... witch is not necessarily a bad thing.

As for best graphics on the PS3, i would go for God of War 3. I don't think we will have much better graphics then that on this console generation.

Both the PS3 and X360 have reached their peaks.

trenso12687d ago

I though ff13 has the best graphics ive seen one consoles buts just my opinion. We beed new consoles their age is showing now

PS3HQ2687d ago

Well, there are smaller and more powerful processors since the original release of the ps3/xbox 360.

I think soon, it will be time to do a complete overhaul on the systems and update the processing and graphical aspects of the console.

fluffydelusions2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

They both are more or less but that doesn't mean there can't be great games. PS3 has a bit more room from a technical standpoint due to Blu-Ray and the Cell processor but that room is fairly trivial when looking at the big picture. That said, look at systems like NES and SNES etc which were maxed out from the very start but still tons of great games for years. I don't know why people only care about graphics these days. Graphics != great games. No matter, I'll still by next gen systems if they are released tomorrow or 2 years from now only because new games will be released on them.

SweatyFlorida2687d ago

PC poisoned our minds with their technical prowess -_-

HelghastSoldier12687d ago

i disagree with you statement "That said, look at systems like NES and SNES etc which were maxed out from the very start but still tons of great games for years." because not all games on the super nintendo looked near as good an advance (of its time) to donkey kong country series, on the N64 not all games had voice audio like conker bad fur day or star fox 64, so you statement is wrong buddy

qwertyz2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


ps3 no ? lol no ps3 game looks as good as EVEN bulletstorm pc. theres litte difference between killzone 2 and killzone 3 the same can be said about uncharted 2 and 3 and naughty dog themselves said they're reaching the technical limits of ps3 with uncharted 3, guerilla games also said they maxed out ps3 with killzone 3 so what does that tell you ? both consoles are maxed out gears 3 is probably the BEST the 360 can do yet doesn't match bulletstorm pc or crysis 1 MEDIUM settings either. thats what happens when console makers have to factor in costs when designing console. even a 2006 pc >ps3 and 360 combined for that reason really can't blame the console makers here they have very tight budgets to work with to create consoles that are supposed to last several years on the market. game devs have started complaining about BOTH consoles and there is a reason for that, pc is already an entire generation ahead

The Creep2686d ago

crysis 2 consoles looks better than crysis 1 medium. lol

crysis 1 medium was not all that. the realistic graphics started from high and then very high

pcelitist1012686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

@the creep

try running crysis 1 medium settings with AA and AF at 1080p. consoles run crysis 2 at crysis 1 meduim specs with LOW resolution textures and other memory intensive assets and SOME settings turned to high but in all crysis 1 medium settings with 8xAA(or even 16xaa) 16xAF at 1080p or 2560x1600 easily destroys anything on consoles.

Fishy Fingers2687d ago

I'd of thought the developments in games of late would show a resounding yes. If you have the luxury or creating your own engine, or making an exclusive there's probably more to be squeezed out, but it aint much.

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