White Knight Chronicles II – PS3 Review by Brash Games

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Level-5 wants you to hate the White Knight Chronicle series. They must do. No developer in their right mind would hide an otherwise solid JRPG experience under so many layers of poor design choices…..there’s just no way".

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fluffydelusions2711d ago

Review sounds just like the first and I still want the game.

TBM2711d ago

since i really enjoyed the first game i will be picking up the 2nd game and enjoying that too. only my opinion matters on what game(s) i want to buy, and play.

newn4gguy2711d ago

It's a different culture, guys. We need to accept that.

Abriael2711d ago

nooo! why accepting different cultures? We NEED to be utterly western-centric!

or not?

newn4gguy2711d ago

Lol. Yeah. It's just strange that Famita Ueda and Hideo Kojima can produce hits that cater to both audiences, but more Japanese-centric games cannot.

fatalis952711d ago

this game is awesome way better than the first 1 so much content

WildArmed2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I'm pretty psyched for this game coz of the crazie amount of content.

Preparing two sets of quips (one set for you char, other for your knight)

And if you are like me and had like 4 different sets for your character, you are probably going to have atleast two sets into WKC2 for your char.

Oh, boi!

btw, does anyone know if you can change your knight's weapon style any time, or do you only get to choose once?
So if i choose Sword/shield in the begining, does it limit my knight to that only? Or can i change it to axe down the road?

Minato-Namikaze2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Glad to see people love this series like I do. So I'm trolling any review thats giving out false info about this game.

LNDCalling2711d ago

Thank you all above.. still haven't dived completly into the first and reviews (for I and II) have kinda put me off doing so..

Just goes to show you should judge your purchases on your own thoughts, instincts and taste and not on reviews!

*runs off to give it another shot* :D

WildArmed2710d ago

lol Hopefully you won't be disappointed.
The online component is crazy good (and fun!)
Esp. when you find a party that just 'clicks'.