Should PSN Pass Be Included With PSN +?

GS Writes: "Sony’s announcement of its online pass system for first party titles gave gamers around the world mixed emotions. Some swore to boycott, while others wanted to support their favorite developers. I can understand both sides of the argument, but what is yet unknown is if Sony can deliver on their part of the bargain."

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Sanii2504d ago

PS+ is a bit lame. It is kind of like a $50 coupon book. Who would buy a game used anyway. Buy the damn thing new and support great developers like insomniac!

Fishy Fingers2504d ago

Just like when EA brought in online passes, everyone supported it and said "who buys used games anyway"... Didn't they?

Sanii2504d ago

Yea I just don't get it. Why rip off the developers to get someones old crappy game, rip off the developer and make gameslut rich.

Fishy Fingers2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Ha, I was actually being sarcastic. While I 100% agree with you, I just hate the double standards, EA etc were the devil for doing this, Sony on the other hand, dont seem to catch the same level of backlash. Funny that.

Dante1122504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

@ Fishy Fingers

"***Some swore to boycott***, while others wanted to support their favorite developers."

There's some backlash if some people are boycotting Resistance 3.

Edit: Lol, nice edit. "Same level" , "devil" lol. I think Sony gets made out the be evil alot more than EA, especially after the Geohot. PSN Hack, cries of the Welcome back deal not being enough.

dericb112504d ago

@Fishy Fingers

I think it more accepted now. EA was the first so they received the bulk of the hate.

slayorofgods2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

PSN Pass is a horrible idea.

"Yea I just don't get it. Why rip off the developers to get someones old crappy game, rip off the developer and make gameslut rich."

It is not ripping off developers to buy a pre-bought game that someone wanted to sell because they lost interest in the game.

With game pass, how do game rentals work anyway? There are a lot of games on the market that just aren't worth a 60$ price tag and are better off bought used or rented.

chaos-lockheart2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

if people buy a used game developers don't get that profit

BabyTownFrolics2504d ago

they already got their profit from the person who originally purchased the game. they cant lose something they did not have in the first place.

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negroguy2504d ago

"PS+ is a bit lame. It is kind of like a $50 coupon book. Who would buy a game used anyway."

People who buy a lot of games, themes, avatars etc off of PSN. In a full year you would save a lot of money if you constantly buy stuff using PS+

Steven212504d ago

PS+ kicks ass i never bought stuff on PSN before and once i got it, it opened my eyes to a ton of stuff on there. Granted i do not like the idea of PSN Pass but if they decide to go forward with it i would like to see it in the PS+ package. That would be the most reasonable thing for them to do imo

n4gisatroll2504d ago

To me, it has nothing to do with used or new, many people live with multiple people, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, sons/daughters, this hurts us that buy these companies games new, and now have to pay a higher price when gaming with our family. In my household there are 3 ps3's with different accounts, we like to play each others games, and sometimes game with each other. The fact that now my girlfriend can't play online with a game I bought new, is complete rubbish. I don't know if I'm going to buy R3 just for that. Which is why I haven't bought homeport either, and I was interested in it!

Ven10002504d ago

I recouped the cost of PS+ (year membership) in 1.5 months, so it definitely pays for itself. I also love when the xbox crowd tried to compare PS+ to paying for XBL.

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firemassacre2504d ago

hell yes, that would be great

Ju2504d ago

What has an online pass to do with PSN+? The pass is free and comes with the game YOU buy. If you don't own the game (e.g. second hand) THEN you have to buy a new pass.

How can PSN+ fix this problem?

SweatyFlorida2504d ago

Meaning if you bought the game used you can still access online without paying for the pass by having PSN+. At least that's what I'm understanding from the article's title, letting ANYONE play online in ANY game if they have PSN+

Though this defeats the purpose of the PASS in the 1st place, which is supporting devs(not Sony)

allyc4t2504d ago

If you buy a game new, you get the pass for free. Problem solved.

Why on earth would Sony add a free online pass to PSN+ users? They want to curb used game sales, not encourage it.

Pillville2504d ago

There's no such thing as PSN+
It's been out a while now, get the name right.

kma2k2504d ago

Am i the only one who sees this as a middle finger from sony to insomniac for breaking off the exclusivity? I mean sony was going to do this anyways, but they chose to do it on a game that happens to be insomniacs last sony exclusive. This will hurt sales of the game, i mean some people are serisouly pretty pissed about this.

gamingisnotacrime2504d ago

Sony could have done it with their very own Uncharted 3 which is getting a huge hype train. Picking on Insomniac's great looking R3 is a poor service to Insomniac.

It will hurt their sales, many like me buy new and sell later on. The online pass lowers the used value too much, hence less people buying new in the crucial first months.

PSN PASS has Nothing to do with Insomniac, yet they pay the price of sony little failed experiment

Dante1122504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I just feel like if you're a gamefly renter or was planning on buying Resistance 3 used, Resistance 3 sales were probably gonna be hurt/low anyway. So I'm not too sure about the boycott, unless folks who buy games new are boycotting too and it seems like most of those people at the ign, gamespot, and neogaf forums were like whatever and joking around about the Pass idea.

Edit: Gonna be tougher selling your games now though.

gamingisnotacrime2504d ago

instead of getting the game day one, i will leave it for next year out of a sale. whay the drastic wait? no hurry. bunch of triple A games coming through the rest of this year

n4gisatroll2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


It won't be the last exclusive, insomniac has more than 1 studio, the one making multiplatform games is the main studio but the other two are working on Sony projects. I wish I could find a link stating this, but I know I read it when insomniac first announced a partnership with activation.

ddkshah2504d ago

you mean ea ;) insomniac would never sell their soul to the devil ;)

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