Resistance 3 Demo Coming to PSN on August 9th?

DSOGaming writes: "As the blu-ray version of Battle: Los Angeles featured a half-hour single-player demo of Resistance 3, we bought it and played it to get a taste of what Insomniac had to offer this time around. What really caught our attention however was not the actual game but what was written on the label of the demo."

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Der_Kommandant2540d ago

I played it by renting that piece of shit movie Battle Los Angeles

MGRogue20172540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Nice, I quickly grabbed it before it was pulled off the asian PSN store. :)

If this rumor is true, It'd be pretty cool if the devs improve the graphics on it slightly instead of just merely chucking it back on there, but I doubt that.

Washington-Capitals2540d ago

I really just want to get into the MP beta. This game being a shooter really has to be something spectacular for me to buy it. If the single player is great its worth a rent or maybe borrow from friends but the MP has to be amazing for me to buy. I do have to see where the story goes after the cliffhanger in R2.

there are a ton of shooters out there that are more accomplished then Resistance in the MP world, speaking of BF and MW so this game would have to do something special for me to buy.

cooperdnizzle2540d ago

Washington [email protected] MW is not a better game than resistance. LOL All call of duty games suck. Its the same game year after year. And wasn't a very good game to begin with. R> COD. End of story.

Washington-Capitals2540d ago

"Call of duty is not better then resistance" ?? Lol, id have a civil debate with you but obviously i know your fanboyism wouldnt allow for it.

user83971442540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Troll, if its dumb why you bother to comment? GTFO.

Kee2540d ago

If, by dumb, you mean awesome...

MidnytRain2540d ago

The Resistance universe is among the richest in modern gaming.

Rush2540d ago

I think you're pushing it's importance a little, but I will admit it's a good game.

MidnytRain2540d ago

The collectible intel in the games tell a story by themselves.

Pintheshadows2540d ago

I have to agree. I have a softspot for its universe. They nailed the B movie feel well. The Chimera are intriguing as well.

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