Sony's PSN Pass will not support rental games

SystemLink: "PSN Pass, since its half-hearted reveal, has had nothing but bad press. And we're about to add to that, as Sony's new online scheme sets sights on something very close to our hearts; gaming rentals."

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PhilipLarkin2716d ago

Goddamnit. Honestly, this is the worst thing Sony could have done. Really annoyed with this.

JoGam2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Why are you annoyed?

Edit: @LordMe...Thank you! Good point, some people will never get it.

@ PhilipLarkin, I understand your point. We are currently at a time where the gaming industry is shifting to a new direction...Online Pass. There are companies who will be effected by this a long with the gamers but have you every thought for one second about the developers that was effected by the used and rental gaming markets for years now? I think with time a better solution for the online pass may happen. Just give it some time.

PhilipLarkin2716d ago

I rent a lot of games. It saves money, but I don't 'kill the industry'. I'd love to be able to buy every game coming my way, but I want to be able to play stuff like F.E.A.R. 3, something I'd never have the money for, and then see if it warrants a full purchase. So I rent it.

With this, seems like most PS3 big-name games won't give me online until I plump up £40 for the full thing. Might as well just charge for base usage of PSN.

RememberThe3572716d ago

I do that same thing. I rent most of my games because moneys tight and my mommy hasn't bought be a game in ten years. I can't afford to buy every game I want to play but renting allows me to do that. If I like a game enough I buy it through gamefly and get a discount. It's a win-win for me; I play a ton of games and when I find one I want to keep I get a discount.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@ PhilipLarkin "I rent a lot of games. It saves money, but I don't 'kill the industry'."

lol yes, you do. As much as who buys used games. Also if they not indend to "kill the industry" they actually do.

You don' t buy games, but you play them. Who takes the money? Not the industry for sure. So, yes, you are "killing the industry", also if you don' t want to hurt.

LOGICWINS2716d ago

I rent a lot of games and buy them used as well. This won't be good for Gamefly subscribers.

gamingdroid2716d ago


a) you want the renter to get hooked on multi-player so they will buy your game

b) introducing online passes, lowers the cost of used games in store, thereby making them appear as a much better bargain next to the "brand new" games for sale

RememberThe3572716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

If it's anything like Medal of Honor it wont be that big of a problem. All Dice did with the online pass was lock the deeper features of the online, so you could still play online and get a feel for it to decide if you like it or not. They basically allow you to demo the online with out the code (If I remember correct they locked some weapons and maps). If you like the game and buy it from them, Gamefly with send you the case with the code inside.

dragonyght2716d ago

lol if that was the case im pretty sure they wouldn't result to online pass in the first place

maniacmayhem2716d ago

@ Seventh_Blood_Reborn

So Seventh, what do you suggest? Buy every game that looks remotely interesting?

Larkin even said that if he likes what he rented he'll buy it. Something I even do on Gamefly.

Let me ask you this...when you rent a movie or stream it are you killing the movie industry? Is the movie industry dieing because of Netflix, Redbox or On Demand? Because as far as i can remember there have been video stores since the dawn of VHS and Beta.

Used games are NOT killing the industry. Games like CoD, Gears, God of War, GT, Halo raked in lots of cash. Even new IP's like Darksiders, Bioshock and Mass Effect. I'm pretty darn sure they also had used games sold.

Plain and simple EA, Activision and Sony want to cut out used/trade games. They want to see more money. Something every company wants, Money.

kma2k2716d ago

I have had gamefly for over a year now. I am a hardcord Single Player Gamer, i dont care much for multiplayer so this route by sony will get them nothing extra from me.

I honestly just see this as something else to bill people for. Come 9th generation not the ps4/xbox720 or whatever but the next generation i belive most games if not all games will be direct download with no physical media which makes the used game market obsolete....unfortunatly for me that also makes gamefly the same thing :(

insomnium22716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@philip and others

Why is it so hard to see that games do give you a good taste of the MP even without the code. I played Homefront online a couple of hours and thought it would be best to sell it without activating the code. That game has a level cap of 5 untill you activate the code. More than enough to get the hang of it imo. You can play it for as long as you like at lv5 to make absolutely sure you like it before purchase.

As for renting that's not even possible where I live. I buy most my games new 2-3 months from release when they are around 20 euros. LBP2 is now 15 ponds and I think that is my next purchase. I have about 10 games still in plastic waiting to be played. There has never ever been a better time to be a gamer I'll tell you that. This online pass thingy will not affect me the slightest and I cannot see how anyone could be struck badly financially by this. What's the hurry? Buy your games 2-3 months after their release.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2716d ago

@ maniacmayhem: "So Seventh, what do you suggest? Buy every game that looks remotely interesting?"

Well, I do it if I have the money, I i have not enough I simply wait and buy it later ...

But this is not the topic. The topic is that also if legal and legit hurts the games sales ... come on, I'm not telling anyone to do nothing different from what they do, I'm just stating a fact.

I'm not judging.

"Is the movie industry dieing because of Netflix, Redbox or On Demand?"

Movie industries are cashing rights for this ...
Those who rent the games do not pay for rights as mush as I know, at least where I live they don' t and I am sure of this because I know very well how shops do here.
If there they pays rights, well good to know.

mandf2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

For those who can't read or believe a no name website, The whole point of the pass is to buy it if you want to play multiplayer. If you buy the game used or rent it you have to buy the pass to use the online portion of the game. Game discs can't differentiate the difference between rented or used. I hate the idea but stop drinking the kool aid. You can still take your used and rental game and play online once you buy a pass. You can also share the pass if you have multiple systems. You can also sign in under different accounts on you system and use the pass. I swear people get more stupid everyday. The bottom line it sucks but it's not the end of the world.

skrug2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

If you don't play online this is a plus.
now used games *should* be cheaper...

And if you don't have enough to buy a game new, wait a few months. You will not die from not playing the game on release date.

"With this, seems like most PS3 big-name games won't give me online until I plump up £40 for the full thing."

-You can buy the pass on PSN.

"Might as well just charge for base usage of PSN."

-Then everyone will have to pay, with PSN pass only people that will have to pay are people that buy used/rent

"Let me ask you this...when you rent a movie or stream it are you killing the movie industry? Is the movie industry dieing because of Netflix, Redbox or On Demand? Because as far as i can remember there have been video stores since the dawn of VHS and Beta."

-Movies earn majority of their money from theatres... People buying from dvds/blu-ray is a bonous.

jke822716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

and when this game pass crap starts to get widespread it will be the exact reason i will have to give up this beloved hobby of mine... games are expensive enough as it lets add more cost to the shit

tudors2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@JoGam So how many activation fees do you think they need? and are we saying that if I buy a game, activate it, then sell it only to buy it again later do I pay another activation? or will my old one work? I don't get it, how is it game specific if you have to keep activating it? the game can only be played by one person at a time so one activation should be enough and should be paid by the rental company not the end user.

slayorofgods2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"developers that was effected by the used and rental gaming markets for years now?"

So I suppose you'd support a movie pass as well so those "evil" movie rental places would stop taking away from the multi million in-taking movie industry?

The game industry too makes a ton of money off of games already, it is in no harm or showing any signs of a collapse and the developers even makes tons of money off of a desired career.

What confuses me most is why people would want and support something taken away from them. No game rentals and no used games does not benefit you what so ever. You're argument is that you'd happily pay more just because you hate game stop so much / Gamestop is evil because it takes away from rich developers that could be even richer? This to me is very confusing.

"We are currently at a time where the gaming industry is shifting to a new direction"

Not if my wallet has anything yo say with it, thank god for competition. Game pass will not succeed with me as a consumer because I will not support it.

DragonKnight2715d ago

The funny thing about this is that the industry and developers are acting like they're hurting by used game sales and rentals when they actually aren't.

You think the retailers who sell used games or rentals originally got these games for free? They didn't. Retailers buy games in bulks, so the devs always get at least 1 sale of how ever many the retail store buys. What devs are whining about is that they aren't getting the continual sales that used games and rentals generate. It's pure greed.

Say you develop a game, and you sell say 100 copies to a Gamestop or Gamefly. You just made 100 sales right there. Both retailers purchased those games from the publishers/developers so what's the problem? Am I missing something here?

pixelsword2715d ago

That's pretty bad; Sony ought to support rentals because not everyone will rent and some people will buy based upon rentals.

showtimefolks2715d ago

you can still rent it and try it out EA's online pass gives you 2 day free trial.

But i mostly rent games for single player and for that this doesn't affect me

There has to be a better solutionto this.


all need to sit and work out something because this can not and will not be good for anyone involved.

gamestop should give 15% of all their used games sales back to original publishers

gamefly can raise their fee $3 dollars and give that to publishers

but since none of that will happen and this online pass is happening more and more i think after sony UBI and Activision is next in line for sure

gamestop is making a killing along with a lot of us who sell on ebay or craiglist

while the publishers or the devs don't make that money twice or 3 times

I am with the devs on this one i think if anyone they deserve some kind of kickback

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killcycle2715d ago

Me, my kids and my girl friend share a large collection of games.

We play on multiple psn ID's with 3 Ps3's in the house (Soon to be 4).

What does this mean for us?
If i buy resistance 3 I'll have to purchase a PSN pass for every console and/or every account to play it online?


What about the Japanese Imports?
With the EU store even sell the code to play them online or will i have make a Jap psn account and top that up to buy the card and play it?

Really bad news for my family!

admiralvic2715d ago

White Knight Chronicles 2 in Japan had a pass for online that only worked on a Japanese account and would only let a Japanese account go online.

seinfan2715d ago

Lucky me. I haven't rented a game in over five years.

NovusTerminus2716d ago

Ya know. I am pretty sure EA's online pass is the same way, Mortal Kombat had one as well. I would have thought everyone would have come to expect this. Companies have to make money to stay alive.

Why do you think Game Republic shut down? No one bought their game. Simple logic really.

PhilipLarkin2716d ago

True; but d'you think Resistance 3 NEEDS the PSN Pass in order to 'stay alive'?

NovusTerminus2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Do you think that cutting into their profit can hurt quality of the next game?

I do not think it NEEDS it, but I do believe it will help it out.

If a game sells 2 million at launch it is doing good... But in the coming months as it spreads through word of mouth among friends the company could realistically lose another 500k in sales.

Do you think that a half a million sales gone can hurt the company?

Christopher2716d ago

***but d'you think Resistance 3 NEEDS the PSN Pass in order to 'stay alive'?***

Yes. "Staying alive" = making a profit in the long run. In order to do this, they will need to do what they can to ensure that people who buy their game and play online are putting money into the cost of said service.

R3 needs this sort of tactic in order to ensure a long-term profit. Look at R2 sales, which were fairly underwhelming for the type of game and budget.

JoGam2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@ LordMe....People here are so immature they can't see past their own opinion of the situation and look at the bigger picture.

maniacmayhem2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I rented MK and tried the online free pass and it was crap. Lag and drop outs, no way would I buy a pass for that.

I also gamefly, I have the three game out deal because i game A LOT. If i were to buy all the games i have tried from gamefly I would be the broke. Simple.

I said it before i'll say it again...

EA, SONY are BILLION dollar companies to say they're going broke anytime soon is laughable. They want to force players to buy new, if not they'll try and squeeze a little more out.


You did say it:

"Companies have to make money to stay alive."

A company like EA wont die. But do you think it'll stop them from laying off 60% of their employees after a project is finished? Or shutting down a development house and moving resources elsewhere? We read about that stuff happening all the time here on N4G and other sites. It's the nature of the business, it has nothing to do with used game sales.

I'm guess i'm more of a power to the consumer kind of guy because if its a deal i'm going for it.

NovusTerminus2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I never once said they would die if it kept up. Sony, EA and such huge companies it would take ALOT of used games sales to kill them. But it still is a threat.

But said game studio might get shut down.

IF Dead Space 2 failed, EA would not have died... But Visceral Games might have been closed.

Again: They are a business, they will always try to make money, that is kind of a key detail in running one.

antz11042716d ago

I just disagreed because of your MK comment. Lag should be expected when a major game comes out (and my lag was minimal), and if ppl drop out how is that in any way the fault of the pass?

Solidus187-SCMilk2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

You people are forgetting 1 simple fact.....


A game needs to sell a new copy before it is sold as used. Its not like a dev never recieved money for that used game you bought. the original owner paid them for it.

I just think that this is a way to milk money from consumers.

If devs/publishers have a problem with the used game market they should enter it themselvs and compete with GS, or better yet go all DD and then there will be noone selling you game used.

Devs are making consumers pay for their problems. Used games is nothing new, but suddenly with all this DLC/patch garbage they found a way to charge a "used tax" and they are doing it.

edit- dont get all high and mighty on me, I dont even buy used games. And I pretty much only rent SP games, not multiplayer.

but I think its just milking consumers. Especially when it comes to multiplayer games that will try and sell you a bunch of maps or characters. Buy a used copy, pay extra to play it and you still are missing tons of content.

I think these passes would be better if they didnt restrict anything for used customers, but instead reward people who buy new. give the people who buy new something free, like the first DLC maps/characters for free or something.

But instead of rewarding loyal customers they are just punishing people who want to save some money.

StanSmith2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )


A game needs to sell a new copy before it is sold as used. Its not like a dev never recieved money for that used game you bought. the original owner paid them for it. "

Right but thats not the reason why Sony, EA etc are doing this. The reason is that it is a lost sale.

Say that game was purchased new and then traded in 10 times. The Devs only receive the money once, however, if there were no preowned market, they would have received more money as all those traded copies would be new ones.

kreate2716d ago

M$ is rich. yet they charge 60 a year for online. and u still gotta pay for extra online services.

and here Sony charging 10 buck for one game. oh geez. just work around the system just like how u are doing now.

cogniveritas2715d ago

The consumers definitely need to stand up for themselves.

There is no such thing as a lost sale (you can't lose a sale that didn't exist), only lost potential which you could never be sure of. If I buy a game new for $60 and sell it used to someone else for $30, then they sell it to someone else for $25, and it gets sold to a fourth person for $20. There was no lost sale. It's no different than a family of four all pitching in to buy a game. Only one $60 purchase was made but four people get to enjoy the game. Or I guess when a guy goes out to buy the next madden and invites 5 buddies over that is 5 lost sales that EA didn't get right? The logic is ridiculous actually.

The next thing you know, there should be a $5 fee everytime someone adds a player 2 or player 3 controller to a multiplayer game to make sure everyone contributed to the developer.

You know I tend to buy 9 out of every 10 games new at retail and I sell the disappointing games. The money I receive actually goes back into purchasing a new game which trumps the argument that the developers don't get money from used games. It may not be a return of profit from their own game but the industry as a whole still benefits from the consumer being able to cycle used game cash back into the industry toward new games. Because sometimes if I wouldn't have got back a little cash from my used games I would have just rented a game instead of buying it as a day one retail purchase.

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blackburn102716d ago

Exactly. Why is it EA does it and everyone still buys their games? Why is it the worst thing now that Sony has decided to do it? Where is the boycott MK and BF3 instead of putting money in their pockets? @ PhilipLarkin it's not goingto kill everything. You can still buy a game with sales, discounts and special things like greatest hits. You don't NEED to buy it second hand and you will still get the pass. Not to metion this doesn't apply to every MP game on the PS3.

Lifewish2716d ago

agreed completely LordMe.. this is something everyone should be expecting because developers and publishers have to get paid..

radphil2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


They've been alive for the past 20+ years with the used gaming industry.

Rather than allocating their own funds when increasing resources, they prefer to take that funding more away from consumers. Do you really think in the progressive long-run, that they could have come up with more ways, instead of trying to tap into areas that lasted for YEARS on end, and "somehow" it's now an issue within the past 3 years?

The funny thing that gets me is that some people just accept these ideas that companies push without any question nor thought, and yet say others are "short-sighted".

It isn't clear cut, and quite frankly a few agrees/disagrees on this site doesn't change that.

They feed a lot of ill-information to uninformed people, and then just let it spread like wildfire.

They increase their own usage of resources, and expect consumers to just vault into their arms without looking back. Rather than for some companies to moves around their resources, they draw away from the consumers'.

The thing is that there's some ways they can make "passes" work, but right now they're going on a down road where it just gives the image to a consumer about "paying more for more features", instead of "What is more beneficial".

Also i'm tired of people using the line for "The devs get paid". It's the higher ups that do 9/10 times and get the bonuses, not the people that did the major grunt work.

Cenobia2715d ago


Games are more expensive to make now. The better a game looks and the bigger it is, the more people need to be working on it. Companies can barely stay above water sometimes. That's why you hear about 60% of a developer's staff getting cut as soon as a game is released.

People who buy used games are not helping developers recoup their costs. They are usually just overpaying a company like Gamestop for nothing. If you don't want to pay full price you can wait a month for the price to drop, or pay the $5 (or whatever) to play a used game online.

I rent games and I have no problem with this for first party games (I never play rentals online anyway). I would gladly help a first party studio out if it means they can make more games for me. If you buy from a used game store you are being ripped off anyway, and if you game trade you should be able to spare the $5.

People are always talking about games going digital anyway. Well this is the first step.

radphil2715d ago


Basically what I'm stating is that there's other ways to tap into the used market-> new without making it seem like they're penalizing people who buy cheaper/used.

CrescentFang2715d ago

You remembered Game Republic, a true gamer :) (not that no one else is though...)

admiralvic2715d ago

Game Republic shut down because their games were very niche. Not even all their games were released in the US (like dark mist which was fun) and such. If Sony or they would have hyped Folklore and brought coded soul over (which used FS) they could have stayed alive.

I would love to see this done away with mostly because 1 used sale =/= no profit. Lets look at Resistance because it's the topic at hand. I never played one or two and so my interest for three is nearly null. Resistance 1 is 20 new on amazon + 2 is 21 on amazon. This would be cheaper to buy the new combo pack thing (which wont get them any money either -rolls eyes-), but thats still 40. Now if I go to gamestop I can buy Resistance 1 for 9.99. This could result in me buying two and then later three. However if they do away with that then I'm not going to buy 3, 4, etc.

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spektical2716d ago

too add on resistance 3 isnt gathering much hype

and in this case this press is not a good thing.

NanoSoldier2716d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ares842716d ago


That's all I got to say.