Video: Kinect at Lakeside Center for Autism

Gamertag Radio writes: "Kinect at Lakeside Center for Autism in Seattle, WA."

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Chnswdchldrn2508d ago

at least the kinect is good for something

oohWii2508d ago

haha, that's one thing more that you're

itsralf2508d ago

The comments on this article are about to get so inappropriate. I can't wait, lol.

TheDivine2508d ago

Awesome vid, nothing better than seing a kid smile having fun. Glad theres really good applications for this out there, i can see tons more uses for this far beyond gaming.

EduardoBR2508d ago

Oh this must be the Kinects target audience.


Blacktric2507d ago

You must be a 12 year old mindless troll... Oh wait, you really are one since you've joined 3 hours ago and already started spewing immature jokes.