The Phenomenal Evolution Of Grand Theft Auto [PIC]

GB: "Although GTA is very successful in sales, the primary developer, Rockstar North Games, is often the target of criticism for the game’s controversial themes. Today we take a look at the history of this incredibly successful (and sometimes troubled) franchise"

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WANNAGETHIGH2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Thats all i have to say.

ape0072535d ago

dude im a huge SR fan, bought the first one August in 2006 before sony and nintendo released wii and ps3(man those times were awesome)

bought sr2 and i can't wait for SR3, it looks tons of fun but but but I mean but, sr lacks that magical gta feeling, the city and the atmosphere of gta is unmatchable, the humor, the colors, the radio station(the journey), the voice acting etc.....

the city, roads, streets, districts, buildings, downtowns in sr games feels blocky, soulless and plastic like, in other words generic, the cars in gta are historic and memorable(banshee, chettah, infurnace), the driving in gta is awesome, stunts, drifts, crashes etc are fun and unlimited, while sr physics are limited, stunts in sr suck

overall i think the sr franchise is very good, easily the best gta like game in history and i admit it has its good over gta like customizations, shooting mechanics, throwing mechanics and AI but sr is not as awe inspiring, clever as gta

finally, i know fanboys gonna fight over sr and gta or bf and mw or ps3 and 360 (yes I do too) but in the end


peace dude

VampiricDragon2535d ago

so far its been more like de evolution