Is Motion Control Good For Gaming?

Back when the Wii was announced, the brand new Wii Remote (or Wiimote) seemed like a step too far for Nintendo’s fan base. For the first year of it’s release it did reasonably well with the core gaming crowd but where it really succeeded was the casual market. The hardcore crowd is still somewhat resistant to the idea of motion control.

Have motion controls been good for gaming?

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chidori6662711d ago

seems pointless now motion crap controls. All we keep getting is generic wii sports imitations and other lame mini games. they stop this crap?

xhedleyx2711d ago

I like motion controls I just hate when they are forced into a game just for the sake of having them.

tunaks12711d ago

I prefer IR to dual analog,
and SS's combat looks awesome with WM+!

earbus2711d ago

Its great for gaming the more people play games the stronger the industry gets it wont kill normal gaming ,nor will it take ur ability to whinge more motion thanks.

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