CitizenGame: Looking Skyward - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Can the next Legend of Zelda breathe new life into Nintendo’s fantasy adventure series? James Day addresses the burning issues.

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mike1up2686d ago

This is a really good article. With exception of that 3DO title, I cant recall any bad Zelda games. I didnt care for Adventure of Link, however, i cant really argue that its a bad game.

When you mentioned the backstory to Zelda 2 Adventure of Link, the actual "legend" of princess Zelda, my eyes lit up. I completely forgot about that. I will be extremely disappointed if Skyword Sword doesnt address that.

The only probem is that the sleeping princess, the orginal Zelda from Zelda 2, is the very first princess. If Skyward Sword is infact the very first game in the timeline and if Zelda becomes princess in this game, then she cannot be saved. She wont be saved until the events of Zelda 2.

tunaks12686d ago

cant wait for this game!