Death By Robots - Feature: Nintendo blunders their online functionality… again

James Nutting @ DBR writes: As a gamer I love Nintendo, but they sure don’t make it easy for me. Their financial dominance is no trump card when defending the most backward of design choices or their current obsession with stupid names. A recent interview with Forbes has seen the company blunder yet another aspect of their latest hardware. At least they’re consistent.

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EYEamNUMBER12689d ago

meh it makes sense to pass judgement on something when its actually you know BEEN SHOWN

qface642689d ago

these assumptions are making me thirsty!!!

8bit_Nes_Rambo2688d ago

Nintendo has been perpetually "D00MED" since the N64 days, yet they're still kicking.

Shok2689d ago

This guy has seen the online!? Wow!!! How did he do it!?


vladn2689d ago

Completely agree with all previous comments. It's FAR too early to judge the Wii U as a console or as an online platform.

To the author of this post, I'm happy that you have an opinion and that you managed to clearly write it into a blog post; but honestly do spare us the whole "doomsday" mentality and actually try to bring us with an original and unique view point.

Since your evidence is non-existent (basically a series of executive quotes that have been patched together) it is very easy for the rest of us on the internet to dismiss this as non-sense. In the future, at least wait until Nintendo actually confirms their plans, because for now you are just disagreeing with your own speculation. That's just silly.

maniacmayhem2689d ago

From what I read elsewhere Nintendo is letting 3rd parties develop their own online which is cool for 3rd parties for giving us regular updates or even lower priced dlc...(if possible)

But by not having a unified structure or guidlines to follow means every online will be different. Will we have to sign in to EA then out,then sign in again when we play an Activision game? Then sign out and in again when we play an Ubi game? questions questions questions.

mike1up2689d ago

You make some good points, but, how can you call this a blunder? I just dont see this as being a big problem. But then again, i use the same username and password for pretty much everything (i have 1 back-up and a few variations).

I think that its unfortunate that no one has stepped up to the plate and addressed the potential benefits of not having a universal network.

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